Giraffe Canvas
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Giraffe Canvas

Add this whimsical giraffe wall art to a child's bedroom or play area. Designed by DecoArt Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • DecoArt Americana® Acrylics (Buttermilk, Moon Yellow, Pumpkin, Dark Chocolate, Festive Green, Canyon Orange, Sea Breeze)
  • DecoArt Sealers/Finishes Americana Matte Spray Sealer
  • 8x16-inch Wrapped Canvas
  • Foam Plates
  • Transfer Paper
  • Pencil
  • Flat Brush (1/2-inch, 3/4-inch)
  • Liner Brush, #0
  • Round Foam Pouncer, 20-mm
  • Water

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Use sponge brush and Sea Breeze to paint canvas; let dry.


Step: 2

Transfer pattern onto canvas.


Step: 3

Use ½-inch or ¾-inch flat brush to paint following areas with colors as listed, then let dry: neck, mouth, head, and outer ears, Moon Yellow; inner ears and spots, Canyon Orange; muzzle and horns, Buttermilk; leaves, Festive Green.


Step: 4

Thin Pumpkin with water and use liner brush to paint plaid lines on giraffe spots; let dry.


Step: 5

Thin Buttermilk with water and use liner brush to paint line on each leaf; let dry.


Step: 6

Thin Canyon Orange with water and use ¾-inch flat brush to paint shading along top of ears, under head, sides of neck, and under muzzle on mouth, with darkest paint mixture along edges and fading inward by blending with wet brush.


Step: 7

Use foam pouncer dipped in Dark Chocolate to stamp dots at ends of horns.


Step: 8

Use ½-inch flat brush and Dark Chocolate to paint hair, eyes, nostrils, and stems; let dry.


Step: 9

Spray canvas with Americana Matte Spray Sealer and let dry.



When painting on fabric with regular acrylic paints, the addition of Fabric Medium is recommended for best results. Fabric Medium/Acrylic Paint mix allows the pigments to be absorbed into the fabric fibers and bond.
When painting on fabric items that will require laundering, additional coats of paint or shading and highlighting techniques should be done before paint is completely dry.
Once the paint dries 24 to 48 hours, wearables should be heat set with an iron for about 30 seconds.
Positive and Negative Painting: Some easy ways to decorate fabric can be accomplished with stencils (positive) and stickers (negative).
Positive: Position and secure a stencil on fabric and apply paint inside the stencil’s open areas.
When the stencil is lifted, your painted design image is revealed.
Negative: Mask off a square or rectangle with masking tape. Position stickers (letters, shapes etc.) on fabric inside the masked off area. Apply paint over entire area with contrasting color(s).
When tape and stickers are removed, you will have a neatly painted square or rectangle. The letters and/or shapes are unpainted allowing the fabric color the show as the design image.