Girly Girl Love Journal by Crafter's Café
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Girly Girl Love Journal by Crafter's Café

Since journals come in all sizes, make paper squares and letters to fit the journal.

Designed by Janet Pensiero, courtesy of Blumenthal Lansing.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crafter's Café coordinating Embellishments 9 Bottle Set - Girly Girl
  • Blank Square Journal (or Sketchbook), small
  • Cardstock - Pink Print of Choice
  • Scrapbook Paper - Lavender Solid and Pink Prints (2)
  • Paper Adhesive of Choice
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Embroidery Floss - Pink
  • Embroidery Needle

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut cardstock to cover front, spine, and to wrap around back of journal.

Step 2 Cut four paper squares to fit on journal front. Glue in place.

Step 3 Cut out letters L, O, V, E. Cut a small paper circle for center of O. Glue in place.

Step 4 Embellish letters as follows:

  • Stack and stitch two round sequins and a bead. Repeat for at least five more stacks. Glue to L.
  • Stack and stitch a large and small button. Hot glue to center of O.
  • Stitch bead to center of large button. Repeat for a least two more buttons. Hot glue to V.
  • Stitch floss through buttonholes of small button. Repeat for at least three more buttons. Hot glue to E.

Step 5 Stack and stitch large and medium glitter buttons.

Step 6 Cut two eight-inch lengths of ribbon. Hot glue one ribbon to front, right center of journal cover. Hot glue glitter buttons over ribbon end. Glue second ribbon on inside back cover to create a tie.

Step 7 Hot glue pom poms along spine.

Craft Notes

  • Refer to photo for placement and assembly. 
  • The charm of this journal design comes from the circles, squares, and letters that are not alike or perfect. Cut freehand without tracing templates.
  • Cut letters out of papers different enough so they show up well on squares. • Knot floss on backs of all buttons and sequins.