Glass Painting: Beautiful & Easy


Painting on glass is currently one of the most popular craft projects for home decorating and gift giving. Crafters are painting on drinking glasses, vases, ornaments, and even windows! Because glass is a clear medium allowing light to stream through, the painting tends to be bright and the colors more pronounced. Glass surfaces are also readily available and functional, making glass painting easy for everyone.

Because of its popularity, there are a variety of glass painting products and techniques available at Michaels today. One way to paint on glass is with opaque acrylic enamel paint, such as Apple Barrel Gloss. Apple Barrel Gloss is available in 31 bright, intense colors at Michaels, and is the most inexpensive glass paint on the market. With a pattern or free-handing a design of your own, just brush Apple Barrel Gloss onto your glass surface. After it's dry, you can bake it to make it permanent and washable! Apple Barrel Gloss is permanent on other painting surfaces and formulated for outdoor projects as well. Imagine a set of drinking glasses and desert plates painted to match a set of terra cotta pots. Use the pots to hold napkins and utensils. All together, you have a bright and unique outdoor party table setting, designed by you!

Another paint, just as beautiful and easy to use but with a totally different finished look, is Gallery Glass Window Color Paint. Window Color dries transparent, allowing the light to sparkle through its bright jewel toned colors. With one of the many patterns available, trace the outline of the pattern with either Liquid Leading or Redi Lead. Then simply fill in the design with Window Color. Use this technique for a stained glass window look on vases, serving bowls, or directly on your window. Window Color also makes wonderful window clings for holiday decorating, or just for fun.  Try this for a kid's room: use one of your child's drawings as your pattern, lead the outline on a stencil blank or piece of glass and paint in with Window Color. When dry, apply to the window for an easily removable, custom designed window decoration. What a great way for your child to decorate for holidays!

Once you try painting on glass, you'll find you have ideas for many projects to decorate your home and to give as gifts. Between the available pattern and idea books, and your own imagination … the possibilities are endless!

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