Glittered Glass Ornaments
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Glittered Glass Ornaments

Create some glittered glass ornaments that will sparkle up your tree! Designed by Michaels Design Studio.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Bead Landing™ Side Cutters, small

Bead Landing™ Side Cutters


Material List

  • Celebrate It™ Glass Ornaments
  • Beacon Glitter-It!®
  • Bead Landing™ Pendants – Style of Choice
  • Recollections™ Glitter, Extra Fine – Colors of Choice
  • Recollections™ Adhesive Rhinestones – Motifs of Choice
  • Celebrate It® Ribbons – Color of Choice
  • Wire Cutters
  • E-6000® Adhesive

Project Instructions

Step 1 Read all the directions on the Glitter-It!® package.

Step 2 Remove caps from ornaments. Set aside.

Step 3 Pour a small amount of Glitter-It!® into ornament and rotate to completely coat the inside. Pour excess glue back into bottle for future use.

Step 4 Shake glitter into ornament. Put your finger over opening and shake until glitter covers inside of ornament. Shake out excess and return to container for future use. Set ornaments aside to dry.

Step 5 Replace cap and tie ribbon to hanger for hanging.

Step 6 Use wire cutters to remove hangers from pendants. Glue to front of ornaments with E-6000®. Let dry.

Step 7 Cut rhinestone motifs apart and place on ornaments as desired.