Going Green Suncatcher
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Going Green Suncatcher

Show your love of the earth and all things green with this unique suncatcher. Designed by Martha Johnson
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Folkart Tip-Pen Set
  • Gallery Glass Round Blank- 10”
  • Gallery Glass Liquid Leading- 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass Leading Blank
  • Gallery Glass Redi-Lead Lines
  • Gallery Glass Tool Set
  • Gallery Glass Window Colors- Fresh Lime, Green Shimmer, Hologram Shimmer and Kelly Green
  • Yarn in Coordinating Color- 18” Piece

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Install medium opening Tip Pen on Liquid Leading bottle. Place leaf pattern under Leading Blank. Trace over leaf pattern 21 times, moving the pattern to a clean area of Leading Blank each time. Let leaf outlines dry. Fill the lined side of leaf with Fresh Lime and the other leaf half with Kelly Green, taking care to not overfill. Stir each area while wet to pop air bubbles and push Window Color against lead lines. Let dry.

Step: 2

Press Redi-Lead along the entire outside edge of 10” blank trimming ends to fit.

Step: 3

Press Redi-Lead along the inner circle. Touch all joints with Liquid Leading.

Step: 4

Lift the leaves off of the Leading Blank and arrange them on the circle.

Step: 5

Squeeze Fresh Lime around all the leaves in the outer circle.

Step: 6

Swirl inner circle with Hologram Shimmer, Kelly Green, Green Shimmer, and Fresh Lime. Stir in the direction of the swirling to slightly mingle the colors and remove air bubbles. Let dry.

Step: 7

Attach yarn or ribbon hanger.


Make a few extra leaves so that you can choose the best for your suncatcher, or use them for added embellishments.