Good Girl Braided Neon Choker
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Good Girl Braided Neon Choker

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Rocks Paper Metal Tip:

“Chokers are a hot item for the fall, so I wanted to make a choker that would reflect fall/winter colors be on trend, but still be perfectly acceptable at the Opera). And nothing says trend than a dash of neon these days. I decided on muted blues as the base of the necklace. This would provide a gorgeous pop to neons. And bows. A good girl always has a bow. This is the perfect way to wear your bow with a glint of mischief in your eye.”

Uses Recycled Items: No
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 16 Gauge Dead Soft Wire Silver, small

16 Gauge Dead Soft Wire Silver


Material List

  • Black Ribbon
  • Braided Rope Cord
  • Crystal Cup Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Hemp Cord
  • Neon Paint
  • Golden Taklon Paint Brushes
  • Crystal Head Pins
  • 22 Gauge Wire
  • Bead Landing™ Piers and Cutters

Project Instructions

These are the materials I started with.

It just goes to show that many times you have to let a design flow and tell you where it wants to go. The best part of DIY is always to experiment and have fun with your design. Make it your own and then you will truly understand it when you wear it.

The braided rope was a perfect base for the necklace. First I had to disassemble it and remove the ends.

Tip: Always save the ends, they may come in useful at a later date.

I cut it to size. Since it is a choker, the total length of the necklace should be around 15”. I decided the braided element should be 10”. The ends of the cut braided rope should be sealed with glue, preferably E6000® glue.

I wanted to continue the braided theme but add a pop of color. Enter Crystal Cupchain. When I first braided it in, it just looked too plain, so I decided to pep it up.

First I wrapped the cupchain with hot pink hemp cord. Leave a lot of cord on either side.

Tip: The wrapping takes some time, so is best done in front of your favorite TV program.

Make sure you wrap it at least 3 times between each crystal to fully cover the silver.

Still not satisfied with my pop of color, I busted out the neon paints.

Use the paintbrush that best fits the width of the stone and paint the stones. Many times, it is best to paint in multiple thin layers as opposed to one thick layer.

Tip: If you want to seal in the color, a layer of clear varnish always looks great (not done in this DIY).

Braid in the neon cupchain with the rope, keeping the cupchain always facing upwards. (Be careful for it not to twist)

Wrap the ends with the left over cord on each end. Knot it tightly and once again seal with glue (E6000® is always a good bet) The ends will then be covered by the bows, but you don’t need to add them until the end.

This is me trying to decide if I wanted to end the necklace with pearls or ribbon. I liked both options but decided the pearls may be a little too heavy for the look and opted for the ribbon. With ribbon, too, the necklace becomes more flexible. Allow for a generous amount of ribbon on each end, and If you are not in the mood for a choker you can create a longer necklace.

As I was deciding ribbon or pearls, I decided the necklace needed a little more pop to tie it all together. The best way to add just a little bit of pop is to use crystal headpins.

Paint the ends. In this case I painted with neon pink, to tie back to the wrapped crystal cupchain. Slide the headpin through the braid, cut the headpin so that you have just enough to tuck it under the rope cord.

To attach the ribbon, create a loop with the wire and wire wrap it around the last link on the cupchain. Feed the ribbon through the loop and tie a couple of very strong knots. Once again apply glue. Allow the ribbon to be long enough so you can tie a healthy sized bow behind your head when you tie on your necklace.

Tip: Allow for more ribbon if you want to allow for different lengths of necklaces.

Finally tie your small bows around the end of the braided part of the necklace, covering the ends and the loop where the rest of the necklace ribbon is attached. Make cute small bows. Cut ends at an angle, once again, glue, glue, glue, et voila, you have a stunning braided choker necklace