Grand Duchess Necklace
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Grand Duchess Necklace

Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore for Bead Gallery®.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Glass Metal Slider – Sapphire (8) *Slider*
  • Glass Faceted Lentil, 18mm – Sapphire (5) *Lentil*
  • Cathedral Silver Luster – Sapphire (49) *Cathedral*
  • EZ-Crimp Ends (2)
  • Beadalon® Crimp Tubes, Size 2 (4)
  • Beadalon® 49-strand Beading Wire, 0.46mm – Satin Silver (38")
  • Head Pins, 2" – Antique Tone (3)
  • Jump Rings, 7mm – Antique Silver-tone (4)
  • Magnetic Clasp, Large
  • Flush Cutters
  • Chain Nose Pliers (2)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Using 24" of beading wire, string an EZ-Crimp end and crimp. String 15 cathedral, slider, cathedral, slider, cathedral lentil, cathedral, slider, cathedral, lentil, cathedral, slider, cathedral, slider, 15 cathedral and EZ-Crimp end; crimp.

Step 2 Using 8mm jump rings, attach clasp to each side of necklace.

Step 3 Using 8" of wire, string crimp tube at the end of wire and crimp (do not form a loop). String strand through second slider left side -- second bottom hole. String three cathedral, slider, two cathedral, pass wire back through bottom holes of center slider, string cathedral, slider, three cathedral, pass wire through first hole -- second slider right side bottom. String a crimp tube and crimp. Trim end.

Step 4 Using 6" of wire, string crimp tube at the end of wire and crimp (do not form a loop). String wire through first second row slider -- second hole. String lentil, slider, lentil, pass wire back through second slider in the 2nd row – first hole only -- and crimp. Trim wire.

Step 5 Using 2" head pin, string cathedral and form a simple loop. Repeat two times. Attach two loops to the bottom of center pendant. Set one loop aside.

Step 6 Using 2" head pin, trim head and form a simple loop. String lentil and form a simple loop. Attach dangle from Step 5 to bottom of lentil. Using 7mm jump rings, attach dangle to bottom center slider.