Green Copper Patina Garden Figurine
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Green Copper Patina Garden Figurine

Imagine walking through your garden and coming across a little cherub that looks like it has been guarding your garden for years. This cherub features a rich patina look that you can easily create. A patina finish gives the look of aged sophistication, and the best thing is, it will work on most any surface.

Designed by Beth Wild

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Copper Topper
  • Patina Green
  • Primer & Clear Sealer
  • Figure, garden
  • Sponge brush, 1 inch
  • Disposable gloves
  • Newspaper

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Prime figurine with Modern Options Primer & Clear Sealer. This is a very important step for outside garden art. Let it dry completely.

Step: 2

Pour Modern Options Copper Topper into disposable plate, pour out only what you think you will need. Using brush, brush on Copper Topper on figurine, make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies of the figurine, especially deeply carved areas. Don't worry about getting an opaque coat the first time. Allow to dry, about an hour, and repeat. Two to three coats is optimal. Once you have put on your last coat, don't delay, move right on to step three.

Step: 3

Pour Modern Options Patina Green into disposable plate, pour out only what you think you will need. Using another brush, brush on Patina Green where you have already applied the Copper Topper. DO NOT wait for last coat of Copper Topper to dry. Wait about 10-15 minutes, or until copper surface is tacky but not dry, start applying the Patina Green.

Step: 4

The Patina Green is very thin and drippy, so this can be messy, be sure to have a thick surface of newspaper or plastic drop cloth under your figurine when you do this. Be sure that entire figurine is “wet” with the Patina Green solution. I have found the best way is set the figurine down on its base and “paint” around it, it is the least messy way.

Step: 5

BE PATIENT, the patina will start to appear within 10 minutes, so wait an hour before you decide if you wanted it more green. If so, just paint more Copper Topper in the areas you want with more patina, wait 10-15 minutes and add the Patina Green. You may notice that doing this adds different shades of green to your patina, I think this makes it look more real. Once you know you have the look you want, dispose of plates and brushes.

Step: 6

If you decide to seal your shelf (a great idea when it is going outside), test the sealer on an inconspicuous area to see if you like the color it might change to. It really is a personal choice.

Step: 7

Once your garden figurine is dry, take it outside and find a nice cozy place for it. Surrounded by flowers and plants it really looks like it has been there for years. Can you believe how easy that was? And if your figurine wasn't too big you have enough left over to patina something else.


For best results prime your surfaces, a 10 minute step protects the object and the patina.

Start with a regular coat of patina, be patient and wait for the effect to happen, if after a few hours you want a little more just repeat the steps to add additional green patina to your object.

To protect your patina finish, especially outside, use a clear sealer. Modern Options Primer & Clear Sealer is an easy, brush-on product, though you may want to use a spray polyurethane sealer for intricate surfaces. Some sealers may slightly change the color of the surface, always a good idea to test them first in an inconspicuous area.