Green Glass Necklace
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Green Glass Necklace

A beautiful green glass necklace designed by Larisma Purba.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Faceted Rondelle Glass Beads, 4x6mm – Peridot (A)
  • Glass Faceted Twist, 10mm – Opaque Green (B)
  • Faceted Round AB Glass, 4mm – Green (C)
  • Iris Glass Shiny Faceted, 10mm – Green (D)
  • Glass Beads Round, 4mm – Peridot (E)
  • Oval Faceted, Large – Green (F)
  • Matt Faceted, 12mm – Green (G)
  • Glass Faceted Rondelle, 10x14mm (H)
  • Mix Round Beads, 6mm – Aqua (I)
  • Glass Beads Round Faceted, 8mm – Emerald Swirl (J)
  • Bicone Luster, 6mm – Green (K)
  • Glass 8-cut Luster Edge, 8mm – Green (L)
  • Glass Beads Smooth Arrow, 14x17mm – Green Swirl (M)
  • Tiger Tail (96")

Project Instructions

Cut four lengths of tiger tail, each 24". Attach all four lengths to the jump ring using one crimp bead and be sure to close the short end of the wires within the first several beads.

Thread A, B, A, B, A, B, A. Then separate the wires, threading each individually.

On one strand, thread C, A, D, A, and repeat the pattern end with C.

On the second strand, thread E, A, E, B, E, A, E, F, E, A, E, A, E, G, E, A, E, H, E, A, E, B, and repeat the pattern, ending with E.

On third strand, thread I, J, I, F, repeat the pattern, ending with I.

On final strand, thread E, K, E, L, E, K, E, repeat the pattern ending with E.

Join the four wires and thread A, B, A, B, A, B, A and then place one crimp bead on the end of the wire and thread the wire through the jump ring. Reverse the wires and thread back through crimps and several beads along the strand.

Tighten the beads so that they sit securely together without being too tight; flatten the crimps and clip excess wire close to the beads.