Green Ribbon Necklace
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Green Ribbon Necklace

Soft and Feminine, this Green Ribbon Necklace using Bead Gallery® beads adds simple elegance to any wardrobe. Created by Molly Schaller for Halcraft USA, Inc.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Necklace:
  • 2 8mm peridot matte rounds (A)
  • 12 8mm dark aventurine rounds (B)
  • 18 8x10mm peridot AB faceted rondelles (C)
  • 12 10mm new jade rounds (D)
  • 6 10mm amazonite rounds (E)
  • 10 10mm fancy jasper rounds (F)
  • 10 14mm opaque peridot faceted rounds (G)
  • 7 12x16mm peridot glass natural shapes (H)
  • 7 14mm peridot faceted rounds (I)
  • 18 2 large end caps with loops (J)
  • 3/4" Beadalon French wire
  • 16" .018" Beadalon flexible beading wire
  • 2 #2 gold crimp tubes
  • #47 2-inch gold headpins
  • 10 2-inch Beadalon gold ball headpins (for use with 14mm beads)
  • 32" 1-inch gold textured ribbon from Martha Stewart Collection
  • Tools:
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Crimping pliers
  • Wire cutters

Project Instructions

Slide one C bead onto a headpin . Make a 90-degree bend in the wire at the point where it emerges from the bead. Trim the wire so that it is around 3/8-inch from the point at which it emerges from the bead to the end. Make a loop using round nose pliers.

Repeat Step: 1 to create the following dangles: 12 C beads, all D beads, all E beads, all F beads, and all H beads.

Slide one G bead onto a ball headpin. Make a wrapped loop. Repeat with remaining 6 G beads and 3 I beads.

String the beads and dangles onto the 16-inch piece of beading wire in the following continuous order. The bead letters in parenthesis are strung; the others are dangles:


continued from above: (G)IHG(I)GIH(G)GHI(I)GHF(G)FHG(I)FE(C)EF

continued from above: (C)FE(C)CD(B)DC(B)CD(B)DC(B)CD(B)DC(B)(A)

Cut the 32-inch piece of ribbon into two 16-inch pieces, with one end cut flat, at a right angle and the other cut at a 45-degree angle. Apply a drop of bead glue into the cavity of the large end caps with loops.

Fold the flat end of ribbon in on itself and place the folded ribbon within the end cap with loops so that the tail of the ribbon emerges from the end of the cap opposite the loop. Use chain-nose pliers to flatten the flaps of the end cap over the end of the ribbon. Trim any excess frayed ends with scissors. Repeat with second end cap and ribbon.

Cut the French wire into two ¼-inch pieces. Slide 1 crimp tube and one piece of wire onto the end of the beading wire.

Pass the beading wire through the loop of the end cap and back through the crimp tube so that the French wire forms a horseshoe to protect the beading wire from abrasion. Crimp the tube and trim excess wire. Repeat on opposite end of wire with second set of crimp tube, French wire, end cap and ribbon.

Make a loose overhand knot with the ribbon and work it down toward the end cap.

Tighten the knot over the end cap and crimp tube to hide findings. Repeat for opposite side of the necklace.