Grow with Love
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Grow with Love

Indoors or out, this is a great project for patio, garden room, or doorway.

Designed by Julie McGuffee.


Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wood Base – Size and Style of Choice
  • ArtMinds™ Wood Box
  • ArtMinds™ Wood Tag
  • ArtMinds™ Wood Letters – s (2), e (2) and d
  • DecoArt® Americana® Paint – Asphaltum (Dark Brown) and Avocado (Med. Green)
  • Scraps of Seed Packet (or Flower Paper)
  • Permanent Marker – Black
  • Paintbrush – 1" Flat Brush
  • Foam Brush
  • Jute
  • Glue

Project Instructions

Add a little water to a puddle of brown paint to dilute, then use to “stain” the inside of the frame brown.

Paint the edge of the frame Avocado.

Add a little water to the green paint, then “stain” the box, the upper surface of the letters and the tag shape.

Dry brush*the edges of the green pieces with brown.

*Dip the flat brush into a little brown paint, then wipe the paint off onto a paper towel. Go around the edges of the letters, tag and box with the dry brush, picking up extra paint as needed from the paper towel.

Glue scraps of paper to the board.

Wrap the box with jute, then glue the box at the bottom of the board and the letters on the board.

Make a hanger for the tag with jute. Write “Grow with Love” on the front of the tag and then glue it to the edge of the board.