Handmade Layout
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Handmade Layout

This handmade layout features lots of wonderful colors and textures for a presentation that’s pleasing to the senses.
Designed by Tuesday Schmidt, K&Company
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Viola Vita Silhouettes Handmade Paper Pad, 12-inch x 24-inch (or papers of choice)
  • Doodle Alpha Adhesive Chipboard
  • Ephemera Pack
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Adhesive Photo Frames
  • Adhesive
  • Corner Rounder Punch
  • Scissors: Straight-edged, ZigZag-edged
  • Adhesive Foam Dots
  • Buttons
  • Rhinestones
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Photos of choice
  • Optional: Sewing Machine with Coordinating Thread

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Choose one of the Viola Vita Silhouette papers for the left side of the layout. Choose a light colored paper from the Handmade 12-inch x 24-inch paper pad. Cut both of these pages in half before adhering. You will use the excess later.

Step: 2

For the base layer of the right side, choose a dark, patterned paper. On the back of the paper, trace and cut an asymmetrical ruffled pattern. Optional: sew stitching around the ruffle to add texture. Adhere to the silhouette-layered side.

Step: 3

Using the excess light-colored paper, trim about 1-inch from the paper so that it is slightly smaller than the dark base layer paper. On the right side of this paper, use a corner rounder punch to round the edges. On the left side, use zigzag scissors to create a zigzag edge. Layer and adhere this piece to the dark paper. For added details, sew the papers together.

Step: 4

From the excess Silhouette paper, draw and cut an asymmetrical frame (roughly 4-inches x 5-inches), like you did with the asymmetrical ruffled edge of the dark paper.

Step: 5

Select another paper from the Handmade 12-inch x 24-inch paper pad. Cut a rectangle roughly 3½-inches x 4½-inches Cut the edges with zigzag scissors. Repeat this step using the excess from the dark paper. You may sew or add stitching to each of these rectangles for added texture.

Step: 6

Layer and adhere the frame and rectangles on the layout as shown. Use foam dots to add dimension.

Step: 7

From the fabric swatches, remove the burlap segment and cut a 3-inch x 3-inch square. Fray burlap slightly and adhere atop the irregular ruffle frame.

Step: 8

From the Ephemera pack, remove the corrugated cardboard. Cut it into a 3-inch x 3½-inch rectangle. Adhere atop the burlap.

Step: 9

Add your own photos to the adhesive photo frames. Use one large photo and add 4 small photos to the photo strip frame. Slide the photo strip in between the layered rectangle patterns. Adhere the large photo as shown, atop burlap.

Step: 10

For the page title, use the Doodle Alpha adhesive chipboard to spell out your first word. Apply the word to the dark paper. Cut around the word so that you have a rectangular shape framing the word. At each end of the rectangle use zigzag scissors to add shape.

Step: 11

From another piece of paper, cut another rectangle to mat your word and rectangle. Cut a small piece of burlap and sandwich this between mat and word rectangle as shown. Then adhere to layout.

Step: 12

Cut a large arrow from another piece of paper. Write a word on your arrow. Optional: you may use a craft knife to trim out letters as shown. Mat your word arrow by cutting another slightly larger arrow from another piece of paper and adhere pieces together. Optional: add texture by stitching arrows together.

Step: 13

Layer the die-cut flower accents from the Silhouettes package atop different patterned papers as shown. Add buttons around the large photo. Embellish with rhinestones.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

Stitching paper is a great way to add texture and dimension.

Use straight-edged scissors to cut unless otherwise indicated.