Hanging Yarn Lanterns
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Hanging Yarn Lanterns

Light the night with your creativity. Impress guests with these unique wedding lanterns. All it takes are a few balloons, yarn and Stiffy® Fabric Stiffener to make it great.

Designed by Plaid® Design Studio.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Water-Resistant Fabric Stiffener
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Glitter Paint – Sterling
  • Yarn, Cotton – White
  • Bowl, Large
  • Scissors
  • Balloons – Assorted Sizes
  • String
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Plastic Drop Cloth
  • Chairs (2) (Optional)

Project Instructions

Cover floor with a plastic drop cloth. Set up two chairs as support for a makeshift clothesline. Tie string between chairs.

Inflate balloons of various shapes and sizes; secure with a knot.

Tie a piece of string around balloon knot; tie the other end of the string to the clothesline to suspend the balloon.

Rub petroleum jelly over inflated balloon to prevent fabric stiffener from adhering to balloon when dry.

Pour entire bottle of fabric stiffener into large bowl. Add a 2 oz. bottle of Sterling glitter paint. Mix.

Cut a couple yards of yarn and submerge in stiffener mixture. Make sure yarn is saturated.

Remove yarn. Beginning at one end, pull yarn between fingers while squeezing to remove excess mixture.

Drape and wrap wet yarn over balloon vertically. Secure cut end under wrapped yarn.

Repeat process, wrapping yarn horizontally and diagonally. Continue until entire balloon is wrapped, overlapping some yarn but also leaving gaps.

Allow wet balloon to hang until dry; it will take approximately 24 hours, depending on thickness of fabric stiffener application and humidity.

When dry, cut off knot to deflate the balloon; remove balloon. If necessary, clean fabric stiffener residue by peeling away from yarn.


Try colored yarn and/or tint the fabric stiffener with different paint colors. Apply additional glitter paint to stiffened yarn sphere before removing balloon.