Harvest Moon Hat
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Harvest Moon Hat

Knit this stylish hat with Vanna's Choice® yarn which has the versatility to help you create many fabulous designs.

Courtesy of Lion Brand®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Vanna’s Choice® Yarn, small

Vanna’s Choice® Yarn


Material List

  • Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® Yarn – Cranberry (1 Ball) or Color of Choice
  • Lion Brand® Double Pointed Needles, Size 9 (5.5 mm), set of 5
  • Lion Brand® Stitch Marker
  • Lion Brand® Large-eyed Blunt Needle

Project Instructions

16 sts + 22 rnds = about 4" (10 cm) in St st worked in the rnd (k every rnd).


M1 (make 1) An increase worked by lifting horizontal thread lying between needles and placing it onto left needle. Knit this new stitch through the back loop – 1 st increased.



K2, p2 Rib worked in rnds (multiple of 4 sts)

Rnd 1: *K2, p2; rep from* to end of rnd.

Rep Rnd 1 for K2, p2 Rib worked in rnds.



1. Hat is worked from lower edge up to crown (top of Hat), in the rnd on double-pointed needles.

2. The Hat circumference is designed to be smaller than your head – the Hat will stretch to fit.

3. When knitting in the rnd on double pointed needles (dpns), your sts need to be divided fairly evenly onto the needles. If you are working with a set of four dpn, your sts should be divided among three needles. If you are working with a set of five dpn, your sts should be divided among four needles. The total number of sts will not always be evenly divisible by the number of dpns that you are using – this is not a problem! Simply divide your sts as evenly as possible, you will still create a symmetrical ‘tube’ of knitting.



Cast on 68 sts. Divide sts onto four dpns (17 sts on each needle). Place marker for beg of rnd. Join by working the first st on left hand needle with the working yarn from the right hand needle and being careful not to twist sts.

Work in K2, p2 Rib worked in rnds for four rnds.

Beg Welt Pattern

Rnd 1 (Increase Rnd): *K2, M1; rep from * to end of rnd – 102 sts at the end of this rnd.

Rnds 2 and 3: Knit.

Rnds 4-6: Purl.

Rnds 7-9: Knit.

Rnds 10-27: Rep Rnds 4-9 three times.

Rnds 28-30: Rep Rnds 4-6 once.

Shape Crown

Rnd 31 (Decrease Rnd): (K49, k2tog) twice – 100 sts.

Rnd 32 (Decrease Rnd): *K3, k2tog; rep from * to end of rnd – 80 sts.

Rnd 33: Knit.

Rnds 34-36: Purl.

Rnd 37 (Decrease Rnd): *K2, k2tog; rep from * to end of rnd – 60 sts.

Rnds 38 and 39: Knit.

Rnds 40 and 41: Purl.

Rnd 42 (Decrease Rnd): *P1, p2tog; rep from * to end of rnd – 40 sts.

Rnds 43-45: Knit.

Rnd 46: Purl.

Rnd 47 (Decrease Rnd): *P2tog; rep from * to end of rnd – 20 sts.

Rnd 48: Purl.

Rnds 49 and 50: Knit.

Rnd 51 (Decrease Rnd): *K2tog; rep from * to end of rnd – 10 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail. Thread yarn tail through remaining sts and pull to gather. Knot securely.



Weave in ends.



beg = begin(ning)

dpn(s) = double pointed needle(s)

k = knit

k2tog = knit 2together

p = purl

p2tog = purl 2together

rep = repeat

rnd(s) = round(s)

st(s) = stitch(es)


Every effort has been made to produce accurate and complete instructions. We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters or crocheters, human error, or typographical mistakes.


©2011 Lion Brand Yarn Company, all rights reserved.


Finished Circumference About 17" (43 cm). Will stretch to fit a range of sizes.