Harvest Stool
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Harvest Stool

Is there anything more Americana then the heartland? Let Delta help you create this beautiful stool with it’s rich and wonderful Americana colors. A stool like this would be a lovely complement to any room.

Designed by Chris Thornton for Delta Ceramcoat®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Brown Velvet
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Straw
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Dark Foliage Green
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, White
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Sandstone
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Tangerine
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Tomato Spice
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Candy Bar Brown
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Forest Green
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Dark Goldenrod
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Coral
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Gel Stain
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Crackle
  • Delta Ceramcoat® Satin Exterior/Interior Varnish
  • Bar Stool
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Shader Brush, Series 7300C, Size No. 6
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Shader Brush, Series 7300C, Size No. 12
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Glaze Brush, Series 7550C, 1 - inch
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Liner Brush, Series 7350C, Size No. 0
  • Loew-Cornell® Acrylic Handle Round Brush, Series 7000C, Size No. 3
  • Palette
  • Transfer Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Water Container
  • Paper Towel
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Step: 1

It is not necessary to apply sealer to crackled or stained pieces. Applying sealer to a piece that is to be stained makes the wood repel the stain.

Step: 2

Sand entire piece using (250-300 grit) sandpaper, use tack cloth to remove dust. Using soft cloth rub on one even coat of equal parts Gel Stain Medium and Brown Velvet. Sand again, wipe away dust.

Step: 3

There are three layers to crackling they are as follows, basecoat, crackle and topcoat. There are three rules of thumb (a) crackle should be tacky when topcoat is applied. If your fingerprint holds in crackle, then it is just right for applying topcoat (approximately 15 min. depending on temperature and humidity). (b) The direction you apply topcoat is direction that cracks will follow. (c) The heavier you apply topcoat over crackle medium the larger the cracks will be.

Step: 4

Following general crackle instructions and using 1 - inch glaze brush apply basecoat of Dark Foliage Green to all areas to be crackled allow to dry. Apply Crackle Medium using same brush, wait appropriate time and then apply Sandstone top coat using same brush.

Step: 5

Using No. 3 round band all crackle areas with Black. Using No. 0 liner, band black in Forest Green.

Step: 6

Transferring Pattern
Lay tracing paper over pattern. Trace all lines except those used to denote shadows. Shadow lines are generally short straight lines. Main lines are where color changes are made. Detail lines are facial features, patterns on fabric, and etc. Lay tracing on surface, tape top and one side. Slide graphite paper between tracing and surface, draw over main lines only.

Step: 7

Apply pattern.
Basecoat apples in Tomato Spice using No. 12 shader. Float shadows with Candy Bar Brown using same brush. Float highlights in Coral using same brush. Reinforce highlights by adding touch of White to the Coral.

Step: 8

Basecoat sunflower in Straw using 1 - inch glaze brush. Float shadows first with Dark Goldenrod and then reinforce with Candy Bar Brown using same brush. Float highlights with White plus touch of Straw using same brush.

Step: 9

Basecoat leaves in Forest Green using No. 12 shader. Float the shadows with Dark Foliage Green using the No. 6 shader. Float highlights in White plus touch of Forest Green using No. 6 shader.

Step: 10

Using No. 0 liner do stems for straw in Straw. Stroke the kernels in Straw using No. 3 round. Using No. 6 shader float highlights with White plus touch of Straw. Float shadows Candy Bar Brown. Using the No. 0 liner do the hairs and highlight and shade stem in Candy Bar Brown and White plus touch of Straw.

Step: 11

To Finish
Apply as many coats of Satin Varnish as desired using 1 - inch glaze brush.


Never seal wood that is to be stained. Sealing the wood closes the pores of the wood and it will then repel the stain.