Heart Cookie Box of Candy Treasures
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Heart Cookie Box of Candy Treasures

Press cookie dough on outside of Heart Pops cookie pan to make cookie bowls to fill with candy-coated chocolates. Top the lid with a beautiful fondant bow for an impressive display. You can also fill the cookie bowl with bite-sized cookies, nuts or dried fruit.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Sugar Cookie Bowls:
  • Wilton® Pops Cookie Pan – Heart
  • Wilton® Roll & Cut Mat
  • Wilton® Folk Designs Fondant and Gum Paste Mold
  • Wilton® Icing Color – Rose
  • Wilton® Decorator Brush Set
  • Wilton® Rolling Pin, 12"
  • Wilton® Fondant Roller, 9"
  • Wilton® Fondant Trimmer
  • Wilton® Disposable Decorating Bag, 12"
  • Wilton® Cooling Grid, 10"x16"
  • Wilton® Color Flow Mix
  • Wilton® Ready-To-Use Fondant – Red (2 oz.)
  • Wilton® Ready-To-Use Fondant – White (½ oz.)
  • Wilton® Pearl Dust – Gold
  • Wilton® Extract – Pure Lemon
  • Paring Knife
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Ruler
  • Waxed Paper
  • Vegetable Pan Spray
  • Candy-coated Chocolates
  • Water

Project Instructions

One day in advance, make heart cookie bowls. Turn over cookie pan and spray backs with vegetable pan spray. Prepare dough following recipe and roll out 1/8" thick. Place over cavities on back of pan. Press in place to form heart. Trim excess dough with paring knife. Two will be needed for each box set. Bake, following recipe. Let cool upside down about ten minutes; carefully remove from pan and cool completely.

Prepare Color Flow icing from mix, following package directions. Tint with rose icing color.

Cover cookie bowls with icing. Place cookie bowls, upside down, on cooling grid positioned over waxed paper. Pour thinned icing over cookie bowls. Tap grid on surface to smooth icing; let dry overnight.

Make fondant bow. Roll out red fondant 1/16" thick. Cut two strips, each 3"x¾", for loops. Make an additional loop for knot, 2"x¾". Reserve remaining red fondant.

Prepare bow pieces. Attach ends of large loops with damp brush. Pinch ends slightly to secure. Stand loops upright on sides to dry.

Make fondant adhesive. Knead ¼ teaspoon water into white fondant until it becomes softened or sticky. To attach fondant decoration, place mixture in a cut parchment bag without tip or brush on back of decoration.

Make ribbon under bow. Roll out remaining red fondant 1/16" thick and cut a band, 6"x¾". Attach to top cookie bowl with brush and thinned fondant adhesive.

Assemble bow. Lay both loops, end to end. Roll out fondant knot, 2"x¾". Brush with damp brush. Wrap around center of loops, attaching at back with damp brush.

Pipe edge of hearts. Use tip 3 and full-strength rose icing to pipe line along rim of cookie bowls.

Make clasp. Roll out white fondant 1/16" thick and press into heart design of Folk Designs gum paste and fondant mold. Cut hearts apart.

Paint clasps with gold Pearl Dust. Mix pearl dust with lemon extract and paint on hearts. Let dry. Dust over again with dry brush and Pearl Dust.

Attach clasps. Use tip 3 and full-strength rose icing to attach clasps at front point of heart, covering hole for lollipop stick.

Fill with candy. Add candy-coated chocolates inside bottom of cookie bowl. Position lid.


Adult supervision is required at all times. Oven should only be used by an adult.