Hello, You are Fabulous Card by Heidi Swapp
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Hello, You are Fabulous Card by Heidi Swapp

I love receiving handmade cards. When I do, I want to display them in a way I can look at them often. This simple fold card looks great on the outside and has plenty of room for a note on the inside!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ Paper Pack, 12"x12" – Hexagon
  • Heidi Swapp™ Paper Pennants (1)
  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ Ribbon – Scallop
  • Heidi Swapp™ Clear Stamps
  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ Chipboard Stickers
  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Shine – Primrose, Sweet Cherry and Mustard
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Score Board with a Bone Folder (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Non-Stick Craft Mat
  • Archival™ Ink, Waterproof – Black
  • Ink – Pink or Red
  • Acrylic Block, Small
  • Rhinestone Stickers
  • Liquid Scrapbooking Adhesive
  • Scrapbooking Tape Runner Adhesive
  • Cardstock – Pink and White
  • Stapler

Project Instructions

Step 1
Cut your Color Magic™ hexagon paper at 11"x4¼" with your paper trimmer. With the 1" strip of paper, cut a rectangle with scissors about 1"x1¾" and then cut an upside down "V" from one end to make a small banner.

Step 2
Cut a piece of pink cardstock to 11½"x½" and a white piece of cardstock to 2½"x4".

Step 3
Lay out your cut paper pattern side up on a non-stick craft mat or protected surface. (A couple of layers of paper towels work fine too.) Shake your Primrose Color Shine and mist paper. Wait about 10 seconds and lay a clean paper towel over paper. Let it soak in, then wipe clean. Take another clean paper towel and spray window cleaner onto it. Use the paper towel to wipe the white areas of the hexagons clean of mist. Let dry. Clean craft mat with window cleaner.

Step 4
Cut 11" of the smaller scalloped trimmings. On a clean surface, lay out the trimmings and shake bottle before misting with Sweet Cherry Color Shine. Let dry completely. Clean your craft mat with window cleaner.

Step 5
On a clean surface, lay out out the small banner you created with Color Magic™ paper. Shake the Mustard Color Shine and quickly mist a small amount on the banner. Wipe clean with a paper towel and let dry.

Step 6
Use your scoring board and bone folder, with the right side of paper facing down and against the left side of the board, score paper at 8¼".

Step 7
Flip the paper over, with the right side up, score again at 5½". Use a bone folder to fold the score lines, getting crisp edges.

Step 8
Using tape runner, glue your pink cardstock, leaving cardstock on the edges of the card at about 1 3/4" from the top of the card, creasing at the fold lines as you go. Cut the excess off at the ends.

Step 9
Place the small star border stamp on a stamping acrylic block and ink it with waterproof Archival™ ink in black. Stamp along the dry trimmings.

Step 10
Do the same using the rectangle journal stamp on the white cardstock. Then, with red ink, use the "fabulous" stamp to stamp onto the banner of the image on the white cardstock.

Step 11
Glue the stamped white cardstock in the middle of the card. This will become the place for your sentiment and the message will stay "hidden" when folded.

Step 12
Fold the card closed and on the left side staple a glued pendant to the provided stick. Glue the misted banner you created underneath with liquid scrapbooking adhesive.

Step 13
Glue on the "hello" chipboard sticker to the right side of the card using liquid scrapbooking adhesive. Add one yellow chipboard heart sticker to the top right of the card and again to the bottom left. Place a pink heart sticker on the inside of the card close to the "hello" sticker. Add a rhinestone to each heart sticker and another to the bottom right of the card.



Lay some paper towels under what you will be misting to make cleanup easy.