Hello Kitty® Scrapbook Layout
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Hello Kitty® Scrapbook Layout

This scrapbook layout features two pages. On the left is a place to put your favorite photo and a pretty rosette. On the right, a pocket to store little things you've picked up along the way.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hello Kitty® Paper Pad, 12"x12"
  • Hello Kitty® Patterned Tape (Vertical)
  • Hello Kitty® Special Occasions Pad
  • Hello Kitty® Keepsake Pocket, Large
  • Hello Kitty® Shaped Embellishments
  • Hello Kitty® Clips
  • Paper Trimmer, 12"
  • Paper Adhesive
  • Foam Dot Adhesive
  • Recollections™ Adhesive Tape
  • Low Heat Glue Gun

Project Instructions

Choose two sheets of paper with the same design for the background, plus one complementary sheet of patterned paper, one solid color sheet and one additional sheet (for the Rosette).

Left Page with Rosette

Step 1 Cut 4" from one side of the complementary piece of patterned paper. Set this 4"x12" piece aside to use on the facing page. Trim 2" from one end of the other, 8"x12" piece of paper to create the 8"x10" mat.

Step 2 Cut the 12" sheet of solid colored paper in half, then trim 4" from one end to create a second, 6"x8" mat.

Step 3 Position the solid colored mat on top of the patterned mat, leaving a ¾" border at the bottom and on the right side. Adhere this double mat to the center of one sheet of background paper.

Step 4 Referring to photograph, adhere your choice of borders from the 12"x12" paper crafting pad at the top and bottom edges of the mat. Two scalloped borders and two straight edge borders were used here.

Step 5 Adhere your choice of a journaling tag at the bottom of the mat on the left side, then clip a journaling sheet to the upper left corner of the mat.

Step 6 Create the paper rosette as follows : Accordion-fold two 1½" strips of paper in ½" increments. Glue the ends of both folded strips together to make a circle, then push the pleats down at the center to form the rosette. Put glue from a glue gun on a 1" circle and press the rosette in place over the glue. Adhere an embellishment to the center of the rosette. Glue the rosette to your page.

Right Page with Pocket

Step 1 Cut two 12" strips measuring 2½" and 1¾" wide from the solid color paper you set aside. Cut two 12"x1" strips from the patterned paper.

Step 2 With edges aligned, glue one strip of patterned paper on top of each strip of solid colored paper. Referring to photograph, glue these strips to the right side of the 12"x12" background paper.

Step 3 The wider strip is aligned with the right edge of the background paper; the second strip is placed to the left about 1" apart.

Step 4 Place a strip of patterned tape down the center of the solid color at the right edge of the page. Check to make sure the wording on the tape is vertical and the right way up.

Step 5 Adhere a journaling die cut and additional shaped embellishments down the center of the space between the strips as shown.

Step 6 Adhere a pocket to the page. Note: A bow-shaped embellishment was placed on top of the bow on the pocket for added dimension.

Step 7 Add your photograph, then place additional notes, photos, etc. in the Keepsake Pocket to finish.