Holiday Blue Snowflake Card
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Holiday Blue Snowflake Card

Layer paper to create a simple yet elegant card base. Designed by Dale Nicholson.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements™ Flat Back Crystals – Aquamarine and Sapphire
  • Cards and Envelopes – Light Blue
  • Organza Ribbon, ¾" – Blue (1 Yd.)
  • Felt Cut-Outs, Small – Snowflake (4)
  • Jewelry Glue

Project Instructions

Wrap your ribbon around the front of the card slightly above the middle and tie in a knot. Trim your ribbon ends to 2".

Glue on your first larger snowflake over the ribbon knot. You can bring the ribbon ends through middle of the first larger felt piece before gluing for one of the cards, if desired. Glue on the second smaller felt piece over the middle of the large piece.

Use a toothpick to add some glue to the back of the flat back crystals and affix them to the felt pieces using tweezers. Apply crystal accents to the ribbon using glue.

Allow to dry according to the package instructions.