Holiday Hostess Apron
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Holiday Hostess Apron

Elegant & easy, our holiday apron makes a great hostess gift. This design would also work well on a wine bottle gift bag or hostess towels for a one of a kind gift ensemble. Designed by Jane Guthrie for Loew-Cornell
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Fabric Shader
  • Sponges, Holiday
  • Stylus, Double-ended
  • Mrs. Glue
  • Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint, Bright Green
  • Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint, Iridescent Gold
  • Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint, White
  • Ultra Soft Brushable Fabric Paint, Holiday Green
  • Ultra Soft Brushable Fabric Paint, White
  • Apron, red
  • Ribbon, holiday, ¾-inch wide
  • Cardboard
  • Waxed paper

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Wash and dry apron. Do not use fabric softener.

Step: 2

Place cardboard under apron to protect your work surface.

Step: 3

Load candy cane sponge with white paint. Press sponge lightly on palette to remove excess paint. Stamp candy cane onto the center of the apron about 3-inches down from the top and slightly to the left. Load the holly leaf sponge with gold paint and then brush green paint onto the left side blending it in. Stamp 2 holly leaves next to the candy cane referring to photo for placement. Allow to dry.

Step: 4

Outline the candy cane with white dimensional paint. Outline the top of the holly leaves with gold dimensional paint and green dimensional paint along the bottom.

Step: 5

Tie a bow with the holiday ribbon and glue into place on the candy cane next to where the candy cane and holly leaves meet.

Step: 6

Add accent stars around the top and sides of the apron down to the tie strings. To make stars, squeeze a dot of dimensional paint (green) and then use a stylus to pull out a point on each side. Wipe the stylus after each pull.


Read all instructions before beginning project.

Refer to photo as you work.

Allow paint to dry flat 48 hours before wearing. Wait 4 days before washing, always on gentle cycle. Line dry.