Home: Where Style Lives



You're finally in your first house together and you want to fashion a home where dreams can grow. The fundamentals are all in place , furniture, lighting, linens - and generous wedding gifts have helped fill in the gaps. Now you can begin adding the smaller touches that will bring it all together, creating a comfortable and stylish environment for you both.

Décor that is also functional is your friend! Chic baskets of different sizes are perfect to hold magazines, newspapers and towels. Faux leather boxes organize desk necessities or compact disks with flair. Showcase personal mementos on floating shelves and shadow cubes arranged in groups on a focal wall.

The color palette of a room sets its tone. If you aren't ready to take the plunge and paint the whole room poppy red or chartreuse green, try adding splashes of color on accent items. Paint plain wooden chairs and shelves in vibrant tones to brighten a breakfast nook or enclosed patio. Throw pillows, bed sheets and fabric chair covers in solid colors can be transformed with fabric paint into artworks. Use stencils, downloadable patterns or be bold and go freehand! Even lampshades will take on a new life with a touch of paint.

Candles and floral arrangements are warmly welcoming in any room. Fat pillar candles of different heights grouped together make a dramatic impact in a den or living room. Tapers, tea lights and votives impart a gentler glow. Whatever you need, Michaels can help you make your house a home.