Homecoming Mum Military Braid
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Homecoming Mum Military Braid

Use these simple instructions to help you make braided streamers for your mum.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Ribbon, blue, 5/8-inch wide
  • Ribbon, white, 5/8-inch wide
  • Stapler
  • Staples

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Begin chain: Staple ends of two colors of ribbon together at right angle. Fold blue ribbon (1) toward you forming a loop as long as ribbon width. Staple where blue ribbon (1) intersects with white ribbon (2).

Step: 2

Begin loops: Bring up a loop of white ribbon (2) and push it through a loop of blue ribbon (1). This makes the first set of hand-tightened loops which will create the military braid.

Step: 3

Continue loops: Bring a loop of blue ribbon forward, push it through white ribbon loop. Pull white ribbon loop snug around blue ribbon by pulling white ribbon's tail. Continue this pattern to end of ribbons. Remember to push loops of alternate ribbons through previous loop and pull taut.

Step: 4

Finishing: Work ribbons until braid is desired length. Staple ends together and trim ribbons with scissors.


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