Homecoming Mums
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Homecoming Mums

Making the mum is half the fun of Homecoming, and you'll find everything you need to create the perfect mum at Michaels!
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Single Mum Supplies
  • Plain Cardboard Backers (3)
  • Silk Mum (1)
  • Charms (your choice)
  • Bells (your choice)
  • Garland (your choice)
  • #3 Ribbon in Two Main School Colors (2 yards each color)
  • #5 Ribbon in Two Main School Colors (14 yards each color)
  • #9 Ribbon in Two Main School Colors (14 yards each color)
  • Additional Decorative Ribbon (your choice)
  • Curling Ribbon (to tie on bells)
  • Stick-on Letters (to personalize with names, Homecoming year, etc.)

  • 24-inch Military Braid Supplies
  • #3 Ribbon in One Main School Color (3-4 yards)
  • #5 Ribbon in Other Main School Color (3-4 yards)

  • Basic Tools
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun & Glue Stick
  • Stapler & Staples
  • Corsage Pins
  • Ruler

Project Instructions



Select the Style of Mum You Want to Make

  • Garter Mum
  • Single Mum
  • Double Mum
  • Triple Mum


Select a Backer

Plain Backers: You may select a plain backer and add your own ribbon points and streamers. If you select this option, we recommend attaching the flower to one backer and the ribbons and streamers to another. If using a stapler, be sure to cover the staples with another backer (using a glue gun) to prevent snags on clothing. Cardboard backers are available in various sizes to fit the mum style you select:

  • For Garter Mum: 4-inch Round
  • For Single Mum: 6-inch Round
  • For Double Mum: Oval
  • For Triple Mum: Heart

Premade Backers: Or you may select a premade backer that already has the ribbon points and streamers added.

Premade Garter Backers: If using a premade garter backer, two additional plain backers will be needed. Staple garter to one backer. Using glue gun, attach second backer to inside of garter. This will prevent the backer from tearing clothing when placed on the arm. Glue garter to premade backer.



Select a Flower

  • For Garter Mum, use one flower no larger than 5 1/2-inches
  • For Single Mum, use one 6 1/2-inch to 8-inch flower
  • For Double Mum, use two 6 1/2-inch to 8-inch flowers
  • For Triple Mum, use three 6 1/2-inch to 8-inch flowers

Select Ribbon and Streamers

Using your school colors as a guide, choose from a variety of specialty ribbon to further decorate your premade backer and mum(s). Note: Seniors usually use silver, gold and white ribbon in their mums to signify the last year of high school. Select your ribbon as follows:


  • For Garter Mum, use a minimum of two ribbon styles (18-inch lengths)
  • For Single Mum, use a minimum of two ribbon styles (18-inch to 60-inch lengths)
  • For Double Mum, use a minimum of two ribbon styles (18-inch to 60-inch lengths)
  • For Triple Mum, use a minimum of two ribbon styles (18-inch to 60-inch lengths)

Note: If you are using plain cardboard backers, you will need to purchase more ribbon than if you start with a premade backer.


Select Trinkets and Embellishments
Michaels offers a wide variety of trinkets and embellishments to decorate your mum and show team spirit such as boas, whistles, jingle bells, stuffed bears, cow bells, stick-on letters, footballs, football helmets & players, cheerleaders, spirit sayings, chains, charms, rabbit feet, tassels, glitter, dried flowers, feathers, mirrors, garland, picks, felt and much more!



Front Backer
Cut 4-inch lengths from #3 and #5 ribbon. Overlap pieces and twist both ends in same direction to form a cone shape (shiny side of ribbon should be out). Keep all cones uniform in shape and size.

Slightly overlap (in same direction) ends of ribbon strips and staple them together. Overlap corners slightly and staple to backer. Continue until edge of backer is covered with points. Attach a second row of points, placing them between first row of points.

Remove stem from mum. Center mum on top of backer over point edges, glue in place. Set aside.

Middle Backer

Cut 48-inch lengths from #5 and #9 ribbon. Fold in half to make two 24-inch streamers. Overlap folded ends and staple to bottom half of middle backer, alternating colors and widths.

Glue chains, garlands and charms over ribbon streamers as desired. Make military braid (directions below) if desired. Staple braid on middle backer over attached elements.

Cut 36-inch lengths of curling ribbon, tie on bells and attach to middle backer with glue.

Overlap remaining 5-inches of #5 and #9 ribbon to form a loop. Staple loop to top center of middle backer for corsage pin.

Finishing Mum

Glue middle backer (ribbon, garland, bells) to back of front backer (mum, points)

Glue unused backer onto back of middle backer to cover staple edges (to protect clothing from staple snags).

Glue/tie charms onto mum and add stick-on letters to ribbon streamers as desired.



Begin Chain: Staple ends of two colors of ribbon together at a right angle. Fold color one toward you, forming a loop as long as ribbon width. Staple where ribbon one intersects with ribbon two.

Begin Loops: Bring up a loop of ribbon two, push it through original loop of ribbon one. This makes first set of hand-tightened loops which will create the Military Braid.

Continue Loops: Bring a loop of ribbon one forward, push it through ribbon two loop. Pull ribbon two loop snug around ribbon one by pulling ribbon two's tail. Continue this pattern to end of ribbons. Remember to push loops of alternating ribbons through previous loop and pull taut.




Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer's instructions for all products used.