How To Create a Unique Floral Design with Charcoal
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How To Create a Unique Floral Design with Charcoal

This step by step guide will show you how to create your own unique floral design using General charcoal items.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Messy Rating:
1 2 3 4 5
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • General’s® Charcoal Kit
  • Primo Blend Charcoal Drawing Set
  • Factis® Magic Black™ Eraser
  • Tortillion
  • Sandpaper Paddle
  • Cotton Ball
  • #6 or #8 Flat Brush
  • Drawing Paper
  • Craft Paper – Black
  • Scissors
  • Spray Sealer (or Tissue Paper and Metal Spoon)

Project Instructions

Draw a 5½"x5½" square in the center of a piece of white paper. Take a sanding paddle and grate pigment off the tip of a General’s® 6B charcoal pencil and let the pigment fall inside the square. Blend the pigment out using a cotton ball.

Take a Factis® Magic Black™ eraser and lift out a dot in the middle of the square. Continue to lift out color around the dot to create the center of the flower. With the tip of the eraser draw the outer edge of the six petals.

Create petals one at a time and design each one differently. Use the lift-out technique to create light areas within the petal and draw in additional color to create darker values. To help students achieve depth and form in their objects, remind them to correct value transition. Use a tortillion to blend charcoal out.

Softly lift out movement lines in the background areas around the flower.

On a different sheet of 7½"x7½" paper, grate charcoal pigment over the surface. Take a #6 or #8 flat brush and stroke the brush over the loose pigment in several small areas (using firm pressure). Take a cotton ball, lay it on top of some loose pigment and twist it clockwise to create a round grained circle. Repeat this technique within the background in several places. In areas that still have loose pigment, take the flat brush and pounce the brush in several directions (altering pressure as you bounce to get light and dark value areas). Leave some areas of the background white.

Seal artwork by spraying or burnishing it. Mount the flower design paper onto a sheet of 5¾"x5¾" black craft paper and the background design paper on a sheet of 7¾"x7¾" black craft paper. Attach the flower design paper on top of background design paper and then cut out designed square.


-Work from the top of the page down, so the artwork doesn't get smeared as you are working.
-When working over an area that is already completed, place a piece of tissue paper over the artwork so your arm doesn't get dirty.