“I’d rather be Reading” Book Bag
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“I’d rather be Reading” Book Bag

Create a tote that shows your love of books. Designed by Donna Bush, DecoArt Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • DecoArt Americana (True Blue, Primary Red, Festive Green, Canyon Orange)
  • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics (Emperor’s Gold)
  • DecoArt Fabric Medium
  • 13.5-inchx 13.5-inch x 3/5-inch White Tote Bag (Bag is ready to paint. No pre-washing required.)
  • Flat Brush, ¾, #6
  • Round Brush, #3
  • Water Container
  • Palette or Plastic Plate
  • Paper Towels
  • Painter’s or Masking Tape
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Tracing and Transfer Paper
  • Stylus (or pen)
  • Permanent Black Fine Point Pen
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Allow to dry between steps. Mix one part Fabric Medium to two parts paint for each color used. Follow label instructions for heat setting and laundering.

Step: 2

Approximately 3-3/4-inch down from bag top, position stickers to spell “EADING” leaving room to paint the “R”.

Step: 3

Use tape to mask off a rectangle around the letters. Press tape edges to secure.

Step: 4

Use ¾ brush and True Blue mix to paint rectangle.

Step: 5

Carefully remove tape and letter stickers.

Step: 6

Trace and transfer “R”. Use #3 round and True Blue mix to paint.

Step: 7

Use tape to mask off rectangle for bottom book. Use ¾ brush and Primary Red mix to paint. Let dry. Remove tape.

Step: 8

Mask off middle book and paint Festive Green mix.

Step: 9

Mask off two narrow stripes and paint Canyon Orange mix.

Step: 10

Use #6 flat and Emperor’s Gold to stripe red and green books.

Step: 11

Use ruler and permanent pen to draw page lines on orange book.

Step: 12

Use permanent pen to do lettering and outline books.


When masking off areas with tape, make sure edges have good contact with the surface. Use fingers or fingernails to press tape edges firmly on side to be painted. Use the same technique for stickers. This will prevent paint from bleeding under the edges. Place cardboard or waxed paper inside bag to prevent paint from bleeding through to bag back.