Indian Costume
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Indian Costume

Suitable for a boy or girl, this Indian costume will delight your trick-or-treaters. Designed by Debbie Rines
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Aleene’s® Glue OK to Wash-It
  • Aleene’s® Glue Jewel-It
  • Tulip® Soft™ Brushable Fabric Paint, Crimson Red
  • Tulip® Soft™ Brushable Fabric Paint, Chocolate
  • Tulip® Soft™ Brushable Fabric Paint, Royal Blue
  • Tulip® Soft™ Brushable Fabric Paint, Golden Tan
  • T-Shirt
  • Buttons, 2 large gold
  • Feathers
  • Makings™ Craft Fabric, Muslin
  • Plastic sheeting or large plastic bags
  • Disposable plate
  • West Trim™ Pony Beads
  • Scissors
  • Shirtboard or cardboard covered with plastic
  • Sponge
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Wire cutters

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cover work surface with plastic.

Step: 2

Tear three strips of muslin about 4-inch wide and six strips about 6-inch wide.

Step: 3

Lay T-shirt and muslin flat on the plastic. Spray T-shirt with water to dampen. For each color of paint, dilute about 1 part paint with 10 parts water. Sponge onto fabric to create a mottled look with background showing through in areas. On the 4-inch width fabric, make one of each color, Golden Tan, Crimson and Royal Blue. On the T-shirt and all other fabric, use Golden Tan and Chocolate. Let dry.

Step: 4

Snip the ends of the Golden Tan, Crimson and Royal Blue strips about every ½ -inch on the short end and tear into strips. Braid the strips using one of each color. Set aside.

Step: 5

Place T-shirt on a shirtboard or cardboard to keep glue from seeping through. Using 6-inch strips, fold over long edge and apply OK to Wash-It Glue along folded area. Glue these strips around edge of sleeves and around bottom of shirt. Glue two pieces on the front, from shoulders to center front in a V shape. Glue braid on the glued edge of the V, leaving ends loose. With scissors, snip all loose edges every ½ -inch and tear to create fringe, leaving about 1-inch of the glued area flat.

Step: 6

Thread one, two or three pony beads as desired, onto all fringe areas, leaving every other piece of fringe without beads. Tie knots on the ends of the fringe to hold on.

Step: 7

Headband: Tear a strip long enough to go around head and tie and wide enough to fold over several times to create a band. Glue folds so it will stay in a narrow band. Glue feathers to the center. The ends of the feathers will need to be trimmed with scissors. Glue two rows of braid over the ends of the feathers and across the band, leaving the ends loose. Fringe the ends of the headband.

Step: 8

Using Jewel-It Glue, glue a large gold button inside the V of the T-shirt and on the braid of the headband. If needed, use wire cutters to cut the thread loop off the back of the buttons. Let pieces dry before moving.


Refer to photo to complete project.

Follow manufacturer's direction for products used.