Industrial Chic Wildest Dreams Necklace
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Industrial Chic Wildest Dreams Necklace

Never in your wildest dreams could you imagine a necklace quite like this one. With pendants, fibers, and chains this is one piece that's easy and fun to create.
Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Tube Pendant Necklace, 18" – Copper
  • Lobster Claw Clasp- Large
  • Findings Mix- Multi
  • Metal Fiber- Multi
  • Flower Pendant – Red Copper
  • Metal Charm – Acorn
  • Bead Wire, 24ga – Copper
  • Pearls (2) – Red
  • Bead, Large – Garnet
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Jewelry Cutter

Project Instructions

Step 1 Lay the double strand of copper chain down and locate the center point. Using round nose pliers open all four of the links at this point and detach from one another. Close the links again using round nose pliers.

Step 2 Cut a piece of wire 4½" in length. Using round nose pliers create a loop approximately 2¼" from the end. Place this loop through one side of the chain, being sure to go through both strands. Close the loop by wrapping the remaining wire around the base of the loop. Trim any excess wire with wire cutters.

Step 3 Place one pearl or red bead onto the remaining wire. Create a loop at the bottom of the pearl/bead and wrap the remaining wire around the base trimming any excess with a pair of wire cutters.

Step 4 In the same manner as in Steps 2 and 3, create a link with either a large garnet or red bead. Be sure to place one of the loops through the bottom loop of the pearl link prior to wrapping the wire closed.

Step 5 Create one pearl link as you did above, placing the top loop through the garnet link prior to wrapping closed as well as placing the bottom loop though the links of chain prior to wrapping closed.

Step 6 Place one of the red beaded head pins into the center point of round nose pliers. Keeping the pliers open, begin to wrap the wire around the pliers, creating a spiral. Trim any excess wire. Repeat with remaining three head pins.

Step 7 Using flat nosed pliers or a jump ring tool, open one large jump ring and attach through the end of the chain, again making sure to go through the last link of both strands. Prior to closing the ring attach the lobster clasp as well as three spiral-wrapped red beaded head pins created in Step 6. Close in the same manner as you opened the ring.

Step 8 Attach the remaining large jump ring to the adjacent end. Close the ring.

Step 9 Attach a second jump ring to the jump ring in Step 7. Onto to the ring place one red beaded spiral wrapped head pin, floral pendant and flat copper charm. Close the jump ring and enjoy wearing.


In Step 1 you may choose to cut the links at the center point in lieu of opening and closing. to avoid bending the links. In place of using round nose pliers in Step 6, a #3 knitting needle or small ballpoint pen may be used.