Industrial Glam Necklace
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Industrial Glam Necklace

Nina Owens is a mixed media artist from Texas. While she has never hesitated to try new techniques, mediums or genres, she’s narrowed her focus to beading, sculpting and art dolls. As a Social Media Specialist, Nina is very active in online artist communities, both as a participant and observer. Her home is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces created by herself, her friends and other artists. She lives and breathes to create and you’ll find her in her home studio every free moment she has.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Chain with Glass Beads and Stones
  • Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Chain
  • Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Spacers
  • Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Charms (assorted packages)
  • Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Lobster Clasps
  • Bead Gallery® Metal Plated Multi Color Round Beads 3mm, 3
  • Bead Gallery® Metal Plated Multi Color Round Beads 4mm, 2
  • Bead Gallery® Glass Crystal 4x5mm Cut Oval Copper Bead Strand, 2
  • Bead Gallery® Silver Glass 3mm Faceted Round Bead Strand
  • Beadalon Wildfire Beading Thread
  • Beading Needles
  • Bead Heaven Bead Thread Conditioner
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers, 2

Project Instructions

Use Chain with Glass Beads and Stones for one side of necklace. Measure and cut plain chain to desired length. Attach plain chain to chain with beads and stones. Attach Lobster Clasp to plain chain. Loop on other chain will serve as link. Remember to open and close all jump rings with a side to side motion rather than just pulling apart so they will close correctly.

Condition thread and thread needle. Attach to chain link with a loop over and run the needle between the two threads as show in picture. Randomly string 3 - 6metal plated multi-color round beads and weave in and out of the chain. All thread should be covered by beads.

Once you have a base of metal beads, start incorporating the glass beads in between the metal beads.

Tie off strands and secure with knots when you run out of thread. Start next strand in previous method, securing on chain.

Continue building base, and begin adding metal donuts, weaving beads and strands to secure. Secure from three or more sides to ensure donuts stay in place.

Start adding charm components, weaving in more metal beads and strands.

Continue building necklace, constantly holding up to neck in front of mirror to make sure it hangs properly.

Add keys and other dangling charms by the same method.

Continue adding beads and components until you are pleased with the results.

Leave one chain without any embellishment, and enjoy the asymmetry that brakes up the regular flow of the necklace.


Use a double strand of beading thread and condition all thread by running over Bead Heaven conditioner or bees wax to prevent tangling.