Inspirational Box of Zen
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Inspirational Box of Zen

Create a collection of motivational words of wisdom to inspire you every day and put them on an everyday item with a little creativity. A perfectly Zen place for storing your trinkets and memories.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™
  • Scribbles® 3D Fabric Paint – Christmas Red and Shiny White
  • Box – Black
  • Stiffened Felt – Red, White and Black
  • Round Wood Disc, 3"
  • Permanent Marker – Black
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Chalk Pencil – White
  • Gemstones – Style of Choice (2)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut a strip of red felt approximately 2½"x10½". Note: the length will be determined by length of your box lid.

Step 2 Position wood disc on black felt. Use chalk pencil to trace around circumference. Cut out felt circle.

Step 3 Use Tacky Spray™ to adhere to wood disc.

Step 4 Use black permanent marker to color sides of disc to match black felt.

Step 5 Cut out yin/yang and lotus patterns and trace onto white felt. Cut out.

Step 6 Use Tacky Spray™ to adhere the white portion of the yin/yang pattern on the black circle and the lotus to upper center of back.

Step 7 Use ruler and chalk pencil to draw evenly spaced lines on front, sides and back of box. Write desired quotes using chalk pencil.

Step 8 Trace over chalk words using white Scribbles® 3D paint.

Step 9 Use red 3D paint to draw lines in lotus flower on the back.

Step 10 Using the red Scribbles® paint, add two dots on each side of the yin/yang. Carefully place a gemstone in each paint dot, allowing the paint to create a frame around them. Let dry.


When adding the quotes in paint, start with the front and one side and let dry completely to avoid smearing by accident. Once dry, finish with the back and other side.