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Retro Tie-Dye Creeper Retro Tie-Dye Creeper

Fun Fact: Did you know that tie-dye has been around longer than the 70's? It's been traced back to India some 5000 years ago as a traditional technique called Bandhani.

Tie One On
Retro Macramé Knotted Hanger Retro Macramé Knotted Hanger

Fun Fact: Oh, Macramé, how we remember you holding a plant on our grandmother's front porch, or decorating a kitchen in the shape of an intricately knotted brown hanging thing. This art form began in with the ancient Chinese, but was revived by crafty housewives in the 70's.

Get Knotty
Mod Podge Mod Melts Gerbera Daisy Bobby Pin Mod Podge Mod Melts Gerbera Daisy Bobby Pin

Fun Fact: Did you know the hot glue gun as we know it today was invented in the 1970's? Yep, that staple of every craft room was born in the same decade as your favorite arts and crafts store! Today, so much can be done with a glue gun, check out the latest idea - Mod Melts from Mod Podge®!

Make It Mod
Neon and Metallic Shoes Neon and Metallic Shoes

Fun Fact: High heels were originally worn as riding footwear for men at the end of the 16th century. But by the 80's, you couldn't watch your favorite tv show starlet strut around without high hair, high shoulder pads and even higher heels!

Strut Your Stuff
Neon T-shirt with Geometric Shapes Neon T-shirt with Geometric Shapes

Fun Fact: We laugh now, but crafting your own shirt was awesome in the 80's! Wear this thowback with the sleeves rolled and pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

Go Geo
Neon Frame Neon Frame

Fun Fact: Aright, we admit. Neon was just cool. And it's making a comeback! Check out this awesome project using those bright colors we all love.

Be Bright
90's Retro Perler Bracelet 90's Retro Perler Bracelet

Fun Fact: These tiny, spherical beads were a big hit in the 90's craft world! Remember fusing them together with your mom's iron (and dropping a few in the carpet)? You can also just string them along to make pretty bracelets, either way, you'll still love these colorful beads today.

Make Your Own
90's Retro Pink Druzy Heart Macramé Bracelet 90's Retro Pink Druzy Heart Macramé Bracelet

Fun Fact: Friendship bracelets have been around for a long time, but it was the 90's when this craft really came into it's own. Brightly colored pieces of embroidery floss were knotted together and given away to your BFF's. It was like social networking - only you could wear it!

Make Friends
90's Retro Neon Jungle T-shirt 90's Retro Neon Jungle T-shirt

Fun Fact: T-shirts were still our go to outfits in the 90's. We wore them baggy, usually with a men's vest, painter jeans and a scrunchie in our hair. Now, that was style - NOT!

Go Retro
1st We Had Each Other Scrapbook Layout 1st We Had Each Other Scrapbook Layout

Fun Fact: Paper was flying in the millenium! Paper Crafting, especially scrapbooking, was a big trend in this decade and we jumped on that train with inks, embossing, layers and die cutting machines - like Cricut®. So much has evolved from the paper craft world since this time, and we look forward to finding the next thing!

Scrap It
Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Brisbane Hat Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Brisbane Hat

Fun Fact: In the millennium, we saw a huge resurgence of knitting, even celebrities like Vanna White got in on the act! Yarnbombing, a form of street art, became big in the 2000's allowing knitters everywhere to express their creativity.

Knit It
Colorful Treat Pops Colorful Treat Pops

Fun Fact: While treat pops are a relative newcomer to the world of sweets, did you know the first popsicle was created accidentally in 1905? Well, ever since then, Americans have been fascinated with treats on a stick! Wilton® has made it even easier to create your own treat pops with their easy to use treat pop holders!

Treat Yourself
Floral Mason Jars Floral Mason Jars

Fun Fact: What's old is new again - at least we think so! Mason Jars are the hottest thing to hit the DIY scene, and they are not just for canning! Use them to add a bit of home to your home décor, like we did here with this project.

Make It
Burlap Traditional Clock Burlap Traditional Clock

Fun Fact: t's rough, it's tough, and it's one of the hottest crafting trends today! Burlap has humble beginnings, potato sacks, stopping hillside erosion, supporting your sofa cushions from falling through the furniture, but it's also one of our favorite surfaces. Use it on everything from home decor, to jewelry pieces and scrapbooking, jute has it's place - and it's in your craft room!

Create Time
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