It's Time To Make Clocks



You can make a clock out of just about anything! The deciding factor is if you can make a 3/8-inch hole in the object you will use to make the clock. Follow these easy steps and you'll have a clock in no time!

Choose a Surface

Pre-Drilled Retro Clock Base Wood Surface  Wilton Soccer Cake Pan Basket  Wood Star Box    


There are so many creative surfaces to choose from. Michaels has wood clock base surfaces with the hole already drilled for you. However, there are many other  surfaces that you can use , straw hat, paper mache box, cake pan, teddy bear, or even a flip-flop! If you can drill a 3/8-inch hole in it, you can use just about any type of surface.

Choose a Theme

Retro Collage  Soccer Clock  Picnic Basket Stars &
            Stripes Flip
            Flop Clock

Choose a decorating theme if the surface hasn't already made that decision for you. If starting off with a plain wood surface, think about using the Creative Versa-Tool® to make an interesting clock face surface, use the woodburning or woodcarving attachment. With the many tips included in this handy kit, you'll be able to create unlimited unique designs. Try decoupage with beautiful gift wrap or scrapbook papers. Ribbons are terrific as well—or maybe use fabric to cover the surface. Paints of all types work great!

Choose the Movement

Clock Movement 3-Piece Kit    Gold Clock Bezel


Choose the clock movement that has a shaft length that is appropriate for your surface. Shafts come in three sizes: ¼-inch, 3/8-inch or ¾-inch. Determine the depth of the surface of your clock, and then purchase the appropriate clock movement. Michaels has Clock Kits available that include the clock movement, numbers and hands. If you would like a bezel, they are available in several sizes as well. They all have the clock movement, face and hands enclosed with a glass covering.

Choose the Clock Face, Numbers, and Hands

Adhesive Clock Face            Numbers            Clock Hands

Michaels has a selection of adhesive clock faces available. Some are flat and some are dimensional. These come in several different designs and styles to complement your decorating theme.

Last, but very important , add the battery! Put it all together, and you are ready to show off your very special and unique hand crafted clock. They make great gifts for so many occasions , new baby, wedding, anniversary, birthday, kids room, kitchenÂ… the sky's the limit with your imagination as your guide.

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