Jewel Peacock
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Jewel Peacock

A dazzling necklace, inspired by one of nature's most beautiful animals.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crystazzi® Indicolite Round (49pc/6pkgs), 8mm
  • Crystazzi® Crystal Satin Bicone (95pcs/3pkgs), 4mm
  • Crystazzi® Smoke Round (58pcs/7pkgs), 8mm
  • Crystazzi® Champagne Round (54pcs/6pkgs), 8mm
  • Sterling Elegance® Circle Necklace Connector (2pcs/2pkgs)
  • Sterling Elegance® Round Bead (70pcs/3pkgs), 3mm
  • Sterling Elegance® Lobster Claw (1pc/1pkg)
  • Sterling Elegance® Closed Jump Ring (1pcs/1pkg), 6mm
  • Sterling Elegance® Open Jump Ring (6pcs/1pkg), 4mm
  • Sterling Elegance® Crimp Tube (10pcs/1pkg)
  • Sterling Elegance® Link Chain (1pkg)
  • 7-Strand Beading Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Crimping Pliers

Project Instructions

1. Cut ¼” lengths of link chain.

2. Using 4mm open jump rings, attach a chain piece to the top loop on each end of the circle connector. Repeat for the second connector.

3. Bring each set of chains together and connect a 4mm jump ring to each set of chain ends.

4. Connecta 6mm closed jump ring to one of the jump rings from Step 3. Connect a lobsterclasp to the other jump ring from Step 3.

5. Cut one of each of the following lengths of beading wire: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 22”.

6. Using a crimp tube, attach the 14” wire to the far right loop at the bottom of one connector. Using crimp tubes, attach the consecutive lengths of wire, working from right to left.

7. Thread on a random bead pattern or follow the pattern in the photo, using the sterling beads and 4mm crystal bicones in between the 8mm rounds.

8. Thread an 11 ½” bead pattern onto the 14” wire.

9. Thread a 12 ½” bead pattern onto the 16” wire.

10. Thread a 14 ¾” bead pattern onto the 18” wire.

11. Thread a 15” bead pattern onto the 20” wire.

12. Thread a 16 ½” bead pattern onto the 22” wire.

13. Using crimp tubes, attach each beaded wire to the opposite loop of the second connector (mirror image).


Techniques to Know: Crimp Tubes and Jump Rings