Jewelry Findings 101
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Jewelry Findings 101

Learn which findings are which with this guide!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

Project Instructions

A. Head Pins: A straight piece of wire with a flat or decorative end that will keep the beads from sliding off. Slide beads onto the head pin and form a wrapped or simple loop. Connect the dangles to make earrings, necklace or bracelet. Head pins come in different lengths and gauges.

B. Eye Pins: Similar to a head pin but having a loop end. Slide beads onto the head pin and form a wrapped or simple loop. Eye pins can be connected to another eye pin, or finding. Eye pins come in different lengths and gauges.

C. Crimp Beads and Tubes: A small tube or round bead that is used to secure stringing and beading wire that does not knot. A crimping tool is used to flatten the crimp bead and tube.

D. Jump Rings: Small rings that are used to attach elements. Jump rings come in many sizes, usually from 4 to10 mm.

E. Closures/Clasps: Come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from lobster claw, spring ring, hook and eye, toggle clasp and box clasp. They are used to join the ends of a necklace or bracelet.

F. Cording End: A cap that finishes off the ends of a variety of stringing materials. Leather or fabric.

G. Spacer Beads: Small decorative metal beads to place in between the bead elements of your jewelry design.

H. Earring Findings: Come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Create matching earrings for your jewelry designs. Kidney shape wire, lever back wires, French wires and beading hoops.

Tip and Techniques:

Crimp Bead Tips

1. To make sure there is enough room so that a jump ring or closure can move freely about in the crimped loop, inset the end of the round nose pliers into the loop before pulling the wire tightly and crimping.

2. For a clean and neat finish to your necklace, use a crimp cover to conceal the crimped bead.

3. Crimping pliers are essential to use for a successful crimp.


Head Pin Tips

1. If the end of the head pin is too small for the hole in the bead, place a small seed bead on the head pin first, to keep it from slicing through your bead.

2. Use beads with a head pin to create beautiful dangles.


Jump Ring Tips

1. Open a jump ring with two pliers, using a twisting motion. Never pull the jump ring apart to open.

2. If using thin jump rings to attach heavier components, use two for added security.