Jewelry Tool Guide
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Jewelry Tool Guide

Every beginner needs to learn which tools you need to create the perfect jewelry project.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

Project Instructions

1. Crimper: Used to flatten and fold a crimping bead or tube to secure the ends of a beading wire.

2. Chain Nose Pliers: Used to grip and bend wire. Chain nose pliers have a flat taper and smooth finish jaws.

3. Flat Nose Pliers: Used to grip objects and bend wire to a right angle. Excellent for Chain Mail. Wide flat smooth jaws.

4. Round Nose Pliers: Used for making round wire loops. Round tapered cone shaped jaws with a smooth finish.

5. Bent Chain Nose Pliers: Angled tapers ends allow easier access when bending wire in tight spaces.

6. Jewelry Cutters: Sharp blades cut wire at a 90° angle. Eliminates burrs.


Crimp Tool

To properly and securely crimp a bead using the crimp tool,

1. Separate the wires so that they lie on each side of the bead. Crimp the bead first using the notch with the dimple in the middle. This will flatten the bead into a figure 8 shape, and separate the wires on opposite sides of the crimp.

2. Place the crimped U shaped bead, in a vertical position, into the second notch, and gently squeeze so the sides of the U come together.

Flat Nose Pliers

1. Use two pairs of flat nose pliers to grasp the jump ring on either side of the ring and twist the wire to open the ring. The smooth flat nose pliers provide for a firm grip and prevent slipping and marking the wire.

Round Nose Pliers

To form a simple loop:

1. Bend the pin to a 90° angle and trim to ¼" from the bend.

2. Grip the end of the wire with the round nose pliers and roll the wire toward the bead to form a round loop.

To form a wrapped loop:

1. Bend the pin to a 90° angle.

2. Position the pliers so one round prong is on top of the wire.

3. Pull the wire over the round prong to start the loop.

4. Once again reposition the tool so one prong is at the top of the loop and continue to bend the wire under the bottom prong.

5. Grasp the loop with flat nose pliers and carefully wrap the remaining wire down the stem towards the bead and trim off any excess with wire cutters.