Jingle & Jolly Candy Ribbon Ornaments
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Jingle & Jolly Candy Ribbon Ornaments

 Decorate your tree with candy ribbon ornaments this holiday! Designed by Mike Baker.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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 White STYROFOAM™ Balls, small

White STYROFOAM™ Balls


Material List

  • Scissors
  • Dressmaker’s Pins
  • Styrofoam® Balls, 4"
  • Ribbon, 3/8" and ½"
  • Cellophane Roll
  • Tape – Clear

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut eight lengths of ribbon 12" long and two lengths at 7".

Step 2 Wrap and pin each 12" ribbon length to opposite centers on the ball.

Step 3 Cut a square of cellophane (colored or clear) 12"x12".

Step 4 Roll cellophane around the ball parallel to ribbon pinned to it.

Step 5 Tie off each end of the cellophane with a 7" length of ribbon.

Step 6 Trim ends of cellophane and ribbon to create a balanced look.



Use clear tape to help hold the cellophane in place while rolling cellophane around the ball.