Jingle & Jolly Kissing Ball
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Jingle & Jolly Kissing Ball

Make a pretty Ribbon Kissing Ball to decorate your Holiday!
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Styrofoam Ball, 6"
  • Celebrate It® Jingle and Jolly Sheer Glitter Ribbon, Assorted Hot Pink
  • Celebrate It® Jingle and Jolly Glitter Ribbon, Hot Paink
  • Wire, Silver
  • Straight Pins, Silver
  • Scissors
  • Low Heat Glue Gun & Glue

Project Instructions

Cut 3½" strips of assorted ribbon. You will need a lot of strips, depending desired fullness of kissing ball.

Pre-cut wire in approximately 6" strips.

To create each "petal" of the kissing ball, gather four random strips. Layer the strips and pinch with fingers the center to "half" the ribbon. Wrap wire around the pinched center several times, until all wire is wrapped. Tuck under ribbon "petal".

Push "petals" into Styrofoam with straight pins.

Repeat Steps 3-4 until kissing ball reaches desired look.

Separate layers as desired.

Cut 20" of glitter ribbon. Fold 1" of each end over and glue. Glue folded ends together to create a large loop. Push this end into top of kissing ball with straight pin.


Use straight pins to hold ribbon in place while working projects.