June Bride Doll Cake
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June Bride Doll Cake

Looking for the perfect wedding shower cake? Try this easy to make bride doll cake! Courtesy of Wilton Industries, Inc.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Buttercream Icing
  • Cake Board
  • Cake Dividing Set
  • Classic Wonder Mold with Doll Pick
  • Easy-Glide Fondant Smoothers
  • Fanci-Foil Wrap, Silver
  • Flower Nail No. 7
  • Meringue Powder
  • Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant
  • Royal Icing
  • Tip, No. 101s
  • Tip, No. 18
  • Tip, No. 2
  • Tip, No. 3
  • Safety pins
  • Tulle, white

Project Instructions

Step: 1

In advance, using royal icing, make 36 Tip 101s roses with Tip 3 bases. Let dry.

Step: 2

Prepare cake to be covered with fondant by lightly icing with buttercream. Cover cake with fondant and smooth with Easy-Glide Smoothers. Divide cake into 10ths.

Step: 3

Pipe Tip 18 zigzag garlands from division points, 1&½-inches high. Pipe Tip 3 triple drop strings, placing one string on garland and two above. Attach 3 roses at each garland point; pipe Tip 3 dots above each rose cluster. Cover bodice of doll pick with fondant, trim with knife, and insert into cake.

Step: 4

To make mini wedding cake, make two 5/8-inch high fondant disks (1&½-inches in diameter and 1-inch in diameter). Cut a 2-inch diameter cake board and cover with foil. Position mini tiered cake on board. Pipe Tip 2 bead top and bottom borders on mini cake; add Tip 2 drop strings. Position roses on top. Place flower nail in doll cake and position mini cake on nail.

Step: 5

To make veil, gather tulle on one end and fasten with safety pin. Attach to head with royal icing and position roses on top.


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This cake serves 12.