Just Rosy Pink Posies T-Shirt
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Just Rosy Pink Posies T-Shirt

For Mom this Mother’s Day, keep everything coming up roses (and posies) with a pretty pink floral tee made with love and Tulip® fabric dyes and paints.

Designed by Suzie Shinseki, courtesy of iLoveToCreate®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Tulip® One-Step Dye – Pink
  • Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint – Pink Slick and Black Slick
  • T-shirt, 100% Cotton Fitted or Plain – White
  • Iron
  • Cardboard Insert
  • Disposable Plastic Container
  • Paintbrush – ¾"-1" Flat

Project Instructions

Machine wash T-shirt in cool water with a little soap. Dry and press with iron.

Insert cardboard between layers of shirt to prevent dye seepage.

Prepare pink dye as directed and pour some into a disposable plastic container.

Refer to photo for placement of flowers. Dip paintbrush into dye and brush three irregular shapes for flowers. Let dye set for six to eight hours.

Machine wash T-shirt with a little soap; rinse, dry and press.

Insert cardboard between layers of shirt to prevent paint seepage.

Draw irregular shaped petals on the pink spots using Pink Slick dimensional paint. Refer to photo.

Use Black Slick dimensional paint to make dots in flower centers and irregular, wonky stems from the flower to bottom of tee. Let dry.

Slip “Mom” pattern (download below) under tee, position over the posies and trace over word using the Black Slick dimensional paint. Let dry thoroughly.


Keep pink dye backgrounds for flowers in irregular shapes, not circles, for a more abstract look.