Kids Bat Costume and Mask
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Kids Bat Costume and Mask

You’ll be frightening on Halloween night in this is a one-of-a-kind bat costume. Easy to make from tee shirts. Designed by Michaels Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • 2 Long-Sleeve Black Tee Shirts
  • Purple Tee Shirt
  • Tulip Dimensional Slick Paint-Black
  • Glitter Paint- Purple
  • Glitter- Black
  • Stiffy Felt- Black
  • Scissors
  • Black Plastic Half Mask
  • Craft Glue
  • Velcro- Black (optional)

Project Instructions

Step: 1

For the Mask: Cut bat shape from black stiffy felt, glue to mask. Cover with glue and black glitter, shake off excess. Outline with purple glitter paint, let dry.

Step: 2

For the Costume: Cut sleeves from one black shirt, cut off cuff and cut down seem to open fabric. These will become your wings. Using photos as your guide, cut scallops on one side as shown.

Step: 3

Use purple glitter paint to outline scallops, let dry.

Step: 4

Attach wings to second shirt with fabric glue, Velcro or hand stitch.

Step: 5

Using the black shirt you cut arms from, cut your neckline embellishment. Cut the triangles from neckline leaving it intact so that you can slip it over head. Alternate the length of the cuts. Repeat with the purple shirt making the cuts shorter.


Adult supervision is recommended when making this costume.