Kids Peasant Girl Costume
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Kids Peasant Girl Costume

So pretty! This Peasant Girl Costume is made from tee shirts, yet is very delicate. Designed by Michaels Design Team
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Blue Tee Shirt (vest)
  • White Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt (top)
  • White Tee Shirt- Size 3XL (skirt)
  • Gold Grommets-¼-inch
  • Grommet Setter
  • Leather Lace-2 Yards
  • ½-inch Elastic
  • Blue Chenille Stems-4
  • Assorted Mini Flowers of Choice
  • Floral Tape
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Step: 1


Step: 2

Using the photo as guide, cut sleeves from blue shirt, cut shirt down center and cut away sides in v shape. Fold the front sides as shown and trim excess fabric.

Step: 3

Following directions on package, set grommets on both sides of shirt for lacing. Add leather lace.

Step: 4


Step: 5

Cut neckline from long sleeve shirt, fold shirt under one half inch and glue, leaving opening for elastic. Insert elastic and gather.

Step: 6

Cut cuffs from shirt and cut sleeve at diagonal as shown.

Step: 7


Step: 8

Use bottom of blue shirt as ruffle, cut desired length, gather and glue or sew to bottom of large white shirt.

Step: 9


Step: 10

Twist chenille stems end to end to desired length.

Step: 11

Cut small lengths of flowers, using floral tape adhere to stems.

Step: 12

At end, twist together and fill in with flowers.


Adult supervision is recommended when making this costume.