Kids' Room Animals
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Kids' Room Animals

A fun idea to decorate your kids' wall with these foam board cutouts.

Designed by Craft Marketing Connections, Inc. courtesy of Elmer's.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • (4) Elmer's® Foam Board™, 20" x 30" x 3/16", Repositionable Self-Adhesive (OR 20" x 30" x 3/16" regular Foam Boards™ and CraftBond™ Extra Strength Glue Stick)
  • X-ACTO® #1 Craft Knife with extra blades
  • 12" x 12" scrapbook paper:
  • For Giraffe: (6) yellow/brown pattern; (1) yellow polka dot
  • For Elephant: (5) green pattern; (1) brown pattern
  • (Note: Quantity of sheets may vary depending on the size patterns and the desire to match.)
  • 1 1/4" diameter buttons: (1) green, (1) brown
  • Low Heat Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Cutting Mat
  • Copy Paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Transparent Tape
  • (2) Large Paperclips
  • Photocopier with enlarging capabilities
  • Pattern (download button below)

Project Instructions

Use pencil to trace pattern onto copy paper and use photocopier to enlarge to 400%. (Depending on machine, it may be necessary to enlarge patterns in increments. Example: first enlarge at 200% and then enlarge the enlargement another 200% or as needed to get desired size. Note that it will probably be necessary to move pattern on copier bed to enlarge all of the sections of pattern. Registration marks on the pattern enable taping the sheets of paper together to form the enlarged pattern. OR, some copy places have a "blueprint printer" that can enlarge pieces up to 36" wide.)

Tape pattern pieces together and cut out. Position patterns on Elmer's® Foam Board™ to determine how patterns fit best and plan where Foam Board™ will be seamed. To connect Foam Boards™, tightly butt one against the other and use glue gun to apply glue to edge being careful not to get glue on front. Also use strips of transparent tape across seams to secure. Position and trace patterns onto joined boards.

Use Elmer's® X-ACTO® #1 Craft Knife (with new blade) and cutting mat to cut Foam Board™ pieces. (Hint: Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Replace blades often.)

For Giraffe, place yellow/brown papers on work surface and align print of papers to form a sheet large enough to cover Foam Board™ cutout. Tape together pieces on wrong side of papers, trimming excess, overlapping paper. For Elephant, similarly lay out, match pattern and tape together papers.

Starting at top, peel back the liner paper from the Foam Board™. Carefully position and attach decorative papers, being sure to avoid or smooth out wrinkles. Trim paper even with edges of Foam Board™. (Optional: If lifting and adjusting paper on Foam Board™ causes board to become less sticky, use Glue Stick to reattach paper.)

For Elephant ear, place pattern onto scrap of Foam Board™ and cut out. Remove liner paper, attach brown paper and trim evenly with edges of ear. Use glue gun to carefully attach ear to Elephant. (Note: To give ear more dimension, cut and glue together two 2" x 3" pieces of scrap Foam Board™ to make a wedge to place behind ear. If desired, cover wedge with scraps of "ear" paper and hot glue in place.)

For Giraffe, cut two 2" x 12" strips of paper for mane; one 3" x 9" and 3" x 12" strips for tail from polka dot paper. To make paper more pliable, gently crunch all papers between hands and then smooth out. For mane, hand gather and hot glue random pleats along one long edge of each strip of paper. Use glue gun to attach to back of neck. For tail, diagonally roll 3" x 9" piece to form thin tube and glue to hold. (Gently crunch tail to make irregular.) For end of tail, hand gather and glue one long end of 3 x 12" piece and wrap / glue around end of tail. Trim when size is as desired. Glue other end of tail to back of giraffe. Similarly, make tail for Elephant, but trim it shorter.

Referring to photo for placement, use glue gun to attach buttons for eyes. For hanger on each animal, hold animal from the top to determine balance points. From there, measure 3” down. Use X-ACTO® Knife to make 1/4" long horizontal slit. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4". Insert shorter rounded end up into slit, creating hanger loop with longer end of paper clip. (Hot glue if loose.)

Craft Notes

Adults only should use the X-ACTO® Knife.