Kitchen Memo Board
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Kitchen Memo Board

Create a kitchen memo board that is both decorative and convenient for note taking in the kitchen. Perfect for jotting down those items you need to pick up the next time you go to the grocery store.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

Project Instructions

Step 1 Cut out patterned paper to 5¾"x8" and cover the memo block. Ink all edges with brown ink (using the Stylus).

Step 2 Cut/emboss/stencil white cardstock Anemone Flower #2, 3, 4 (#1 being the smallest) in Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur® machine. Repeat process with #4.

Step 3 To stencil, leave die-cut in template and color with blue ink.

Step 4 Cut/emboss patterned paper Anemone Flower #2, 3, 4 in Grand Calibur(R) machine.

Step 5 Remove all outlines with scissors, distress with brown ink; add a bit of sparkle by applying Pearlized Top Coat to outline petals.

Step 6 Curl the edges of all patterned paper with a pencil.


Memo Pad

Step 1 Start with white outline die cut #4. Glue down on top of Memo Pad.

Step 2 Offset on white outline die cut #4. Glue down on top of previous outline.

Step 3 Offset patterned die cut #4, place on center outline. Glue.

Step 4 Offset white outline#3 on previous patterned die cut. Glue.

Step 5 Offset Patterned #3, place on previous outlined die cut. Glue.

Step 6 Offset white outline#2 on previous patterned die cut: glue.

Step 7 Offset Patterned #2 white outline on previous white outline die cut. Glue.

Step 8 Thread button with twine, and glue to top center of flower.

Step 9 Glue the memo block to the covered chipboard.



Step 1 Cut out a piece of chipboard to 5¾"x8", cover with white paper (use a bigger piece than the chipboard, wrap it around the chipboard) and glue it to the back of the chipboard. Glue memo block to the covered chipboard.

Step 2 Cut out sentiments, adhere pieces of the remaining blue-stenciled flowers, the outline patterned flowers in parts to the chipboard around the memo block. Adhere bling to the flowers.

Step 3 Make a small hole in the chipboard to hang kitchen board, use that same small hole for attaching a pen or pencil on the twine.


Use double-sided paper to cut, cutting time in half.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Yvonne van de Grijp courtesy of Spellbinders™ Paper.