Knifty Knitter® Snowman
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Knifty Knitter® Snowman

Make a darling snowman with your Knifty Knitter! It’s quick and easy and cuddly and fun.

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Knifty Knitter®
  • Jiffy Yarn, White
  • Fun Fur or Cha Cha Yarn, White
  • Knifty Knitter Needle, Yarn Needle
  • Fiberfill
  • Buttons, Your Choice
  • Seed Beads for Mouth

Project Instructions

Directions for skinny scarf:

Using two yarns together as one strand, loop yarn as instructed on loom about 7 - 10 stitches to make your first row of the skinny scarf. Repeat until scarf is desired length.


Use 2 different strands of yarn to knit this project.

With Jiffy and Fashion yarn together, wind the strands around the green loom (this will be the bottom section of the snowman), and Knit off as in the basic instructions for a cap. The number of rows you knit depends on how large you want your snowman. 20 knitted rows will make a small to medium-sized snowman.

Once you’ve knitted your rows, with the yarn needle, run a generous piece of yarn through all the loops on the loom. Remove and pull tight.

Pull ends of yarn up through the bottom of the knitted piece and lay them up over the edges of the top. Take another piece of yarn threaded onto a yarn needle and run it in and out of the top row of knitted loops all around the piece.

Stuff knitted section with fiberfill. Pull the top yarn ends together like a drawstring bag.

Pull the yarns running through the middle up through the top until the snowman section is slightly flattened and tie the two pairs or yarn together in a knot and clip.

If you want to weight your snowman to make it more stable, it is recommended that you add enough flat marbles in this bottom section of the snowman to give it the weight you desire before filling and closing it.

Repeat above on each of the red and blue looms to make the middle and top snowman sections respectively.

When finished with all three sections, thread yarn needle with jiffy yarn and whip stitch the sections together.

Add eyes, nose, mouth or other embellishments - use your imagination.



Follow manufacturer’s direction for products used.