Knit Garter Stitch Baby Hat
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Knit Garter Stitch Baby Hat

Keep your little bundle of joy's head warm and cozy with this soft and sweet knit hat.
Designed by Kathleen Sams
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Red Heart® “Super Saver®” (Art. E300) #381 Light Blue or color of choice, 1 skein
  • Knitting Needles size 9 [5.5mm]
  • Yarn Needle

Project Instructions

Finished Size
Hat circumference is 14-inches (35.56cm).

15 sts = 4-inches (10cm), 30 rows = 4-inches (10cm) in Garter stitch (knit every row). Squares = 7-inches x 7-inches. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any sized needle to obtain the gauge.

Square (make 2)
Cast on 27 sts.

Row 1 (Right Side): Knit all sts.

Rows 2-42: Knit. Bind off. Weave in ends.

With right sides up, sew side seams; leave top and bottom edges open. Make Twisted Cord (see right) using three 80-inch lengths of yarn. Weave the cord through the stitches about 1-inch down from the top edge of the hat. Pull ends of cord to gather fabric and secure with a knot.

Twisted Cord: Bring all six cut ends of yarn together and tie in a knot close to the end to form a large loop. Secure the knotted end to a stable surface or have someone hold it. Slip a knitting needle into the loop and hold the yarn just below the loop and needle. Hold the yarn taut, and twirl the needle, twisting the yarn, until the entire length is tightly twisted and begins to twist back on itself. Bring the loop end and the knotted end together; tie tightly so the cord will not untwist. Smooth out the kinks so the cord lies flat and twists evenly.

cm = centimeter
st(s) = stitch(es)



Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.

It’s easier to make twisted cord when you get a friend to help.