Krylon® 7020 Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive
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Krylon® 7020 Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive

Item# gc0277

Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Adhesive provides a repositionable bond on most light weight materials and may be adjusted, removed, and reapplied throughout the life of the bond.  Benefits:  Low odor, non-staining, long-lasting tack, non-wrinkling, less curl.  It’s acid-free formula is ideal for scrapbook projects and it’s also great for stenciling and much more!


  • Paper, Plastic, Posterboard, Cardboard to Paper, Paper Mache, Wood, Metal, Fabric
  • Paper, Cardboard, Fabric to Glass


  1. Prepare surface by ensuring that it is clean and dry. 
  2. Mask any area that you do not want to spray.
  3. Shake can well.
  4. To apply, hold can 6 to 8-inches from surface and spray with light, dusting strokes.
  5. For stronger bond, spray both surfaces.
  6. Clean valve after use by turning can upside down and spraying for 4 seconds.

SPECIAL TIPS:  If spray button becomes clogged, pull off and clean.  Do not stick pins or wire into can opening.  Replace spray button with valve opening facing away from you.

TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATIONS/LIMITATIONS:   For best results, apply at temperature of 70° to 80° F.

CURE RATE & DRYING TIME:  A bond can be made from 10 seconds to 1 hour.

CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS:  Recommend soap and water clean up, scrubbing may be necessary.

CAUTION ADVISORIES OR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS:  Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.  Strong fumes - keep area ventilated during use and until all vapors are gone.  Avoid continuous breathing of vapor and spray mist.  In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention.  For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.  Wash hands after use.

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  • Non Toxic
  • Kid Friendly
  • Flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Dries Clear
  • Repositionable