Krylon® Magnetic Paint
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Krylon® Magnetic Paint

Item# cp0425

Make it magnetic for great craft ideas and home décor projects that stick. Transform everyday objects into surfaces to hold lightweight magnets with Krylon® Magnetic Paint.

It’s perfect for kids' rooms, classrooms, workshops, kitchens, offices, message centers and more. Use this iron-based Magnetic Paint as a primer on any project, then simply topcoat the surface with your favorite color and add lightweight magnets.

Magnetic Spray Paint (in 13-ounce aerosol cans) is available in Grey Primer Finish.

Magnetic Spray Paint can be used on:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • glass
  • paper mache
  • sealed plaster
  • ceramic
  • paper
  • and more

Lightweight magnets work best with this paint finish.  Before completing your project, test to make sure you’ve added enough coats to hold your magnets.  If you plan to paint over this finish with another color, add a few extra coats of Magnetic Paint first so that your magnets will still hold in place.

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