Kwanzaa Africa Memory Page
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Kwanzaa Africa Memory Page

Pay tribute to your ancestors' origins with this easy-to-make memory book page. Exclusive to
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Decorative Stamp, Accent Swirl
  • Decorative Stamp, Ethnic Diamond
  • Adhesive Cartridge
  • Create-A-Sticker Machine
  • Paper, black
  • Paper, green
  • Paper, red
  • Paper, yellow
  • Photo

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut two 1-inch strips from red, green and black paper. Run through the Xyron machine.

Step: 2

Mark off green strips in 1-inch increments, marking very lightly with a pencil. To create block effect, line up red and black strips crosswise on the green strip, lining up to marks. Stick red and black strips to green, and then trim, creating squares of color.

Step: 3

Stick finished strips to yellow paper, creating a border on left and bottom of page.

Step: 4

Print out Africa pattern. Cut from black paper.

Step: 5

Trim photo or photocopy as desired around upper edges. Run through Xyron machine. Stick to Africa cut out and trim around lower edges so photo takes on the shape of the cut out. Run through Xyron machine.

Step: 6

Cut a piece of red paper 1&½-inches x 4-inches. Use this paper for journaling, recording any information about your photo. We used our computer to add captions, but many scrapbookers prefer to letter by hand using acid-free pens or markers. When you've completed your journaling, run red paper through the Xyron machine.

Step: 7

Stick red journaling piece to black paper, trimming to leave a ¼-inch border. Run through the Xyron machine.

Step: 8

Arrange pieces on page, using photo as guide. When pieces are positioned properly, adhere to page.

Step: 9

Stamp designs onto page as shown in photo.


This project can also be assembled using a glue stick.