Leaf Candle
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Leaf Candle

It's easy to create this candle for a look that matches your style. Simply mix Delta's Candle & Soap Painting Medium with your favorite color to make your own decorator-style candles at a fraction of the cost. Courtesy of Delta Technical Coatings, Inc.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Fine Sanding Sponge
  • Ceramcoat® Candle and Soap Painting Medium
  • Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Indiana Rose
  • Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint, Oyster White
  • Ceramcoat® Satin Exterior/Interior Varnish
  • Sponge, Silk Sea, small
  • Tray, wooden rectangular
  • Card stock, navy
  • Paintbrush, flat
  • Palette pad
  • Sponge, natural
  • Stamp, leaves
  • Rubbing alcohol

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Clean surface of candle with household rubbing alcohol.

Step: 2

Using the masking tape, tape off a 3-inch strip in the middle of the candle.

Step: 3

Squeeze out a puddle of Indiana Rose and Sante Fe Rose. Mix an equal part of the Candle and Soap Painting Medium into each paint and mix thoroughly.

Step: 4

Wet the sea wool sponge and wring dry with paper towels. Tap the sponge into the two paints. Remove excess paint by dabbing sponge on a paper towel.

Step: 5

Sponge on paint onto the center of the candle. Dab sponge into paints as desired. Keep turning the sponge for a wonderful uneven look. Carefully peel off tape.

Step: 6

Using the fine sponge, tap the flat end into the Indiana Rose paint. Paint the remainder of the candle, except top. Let paint dry thoroughly before applying a second coat if desired.

Step: 7

Using the liner brush and Indiana Rose, paint a wavy line between the paint colors. Let dry.

Step: 8

Using craft knife carefully cut off desired section of the leaf stamp.

Step: 9

Mix Oyster White and Candle and Soap Painting Medium on palette.

Step: 10

Use the flat end of the fine sponge to apply paint to the rubber stamp. Dip the fine sponge into the Oyster White mixture and apply paint to the stamp.

Step: 11

Carefully press the stamp on the candle on the wavy line. Continue adding paint to the stamp for stamping, and continue around both lines of the candle. Refer to picture for placement. Let paint dry.

Step: 12

Use the liner brush and Oyster White to outline individual leaves and def ine the stems. Add a cotton swab dot at end of each stem.

Step: 13

For a clear, protective finish varnish the candle with a coat of Candle and Soap Painting Medium . Colors are permanent after a 5 day cure time.

Step: 14

Paint the edges of the wood tray with Indiana Rose and the top Oyster White. Let paint dry before painting a second coat.

Step: 15

Use a cotton swab to make dots with Indiana Rose around the top rim of the candle and the top edge of the tray. Let paint dry.

Step: 16

Varnish the tray with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Exterior/Interior Varnish.


For best results, please take a moment to review all instructions on product packaging before beginning any project.