That’s a Wrap! Leather and Crystal Wrap Bracelet
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That’s a Wrap! Leather and Crystal Wrap Bracelet

A mix of tough leather and sparkling crystals give this bracelet a casual look. Make with your choice of crystal and leather colors! The materials below are for a double wrap bracelet. See directions for making it larger.

Designed by Jary Riolo for EK Success®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jolee's Jewels™Bicones (4 packs), 6mm
  • Round Leather Cord, 2mm, 42"
  • Beading Thread, 6lb. – Smoke
  • Eye Beading Needle, Large
  • Loops & Threads® Buttons Set – Silver Heart

Project Instructions

To create this bracelet, cut a piece of leather cord 24" for a single wrap bracelet, 40" for a double wrap bracelet or 52" for a triple wrap bracelet.  

Thread the cord ends from the front of the button through the button holes to the back of the button, centering the button on the cord. With both ends, tie an overhand knot close to the button.  

To create an overhand knot:

Form a loop with thread.

Cross thread over the top, forming an “X” under the loop.

Bring end up and thread through loop.

Pull ends tight.  

Thread a needle with a comfortable length of beading thread. Center the needle on the thread. Use both ends to tie two overhand knots close to the knot at the base of the button, leaving an 8' tail. Use the tail to tie several more overhand knots to secure the thread. Trim the excess thread tail.

String one 6mm crystal bicone, pass the thread over the top of the opposite cord and back through the crystal.  

Pass the thread over the top then under the opposite cord, back through the crystal, over the top then under the opposite cord, bringing the thread up between the two cords.  

String one crystal. Position it right next to the first crystal. Repeat Step 5, keeping even tension, until enough crystals have been added, in the desired color pattern, to create the desired length. NOTE: Add more thread as needed. Begin and end all thread ends on the same side of the cord.  

Secure the last crystal by going through it one additional time. Use several overhand knots to secure the thread ends to the cord. Trim excess thread.  

Using both end of the cord tie a half hitch knot at the end of the crystal beads.

To create a half hitch knot:

Make one side of the thread shorter than the other.

Take the short end of thread and place it underneath the long end.

Bring the short end of the thread up and thread through the short end through the hole.

Pull the short end through the knot once it is through the loop and hanging down.

Tighten knot.  

Use the button to determine the size needed for the closure loop. Tie a half hitch knot the determined length from the knot tied in Step 9. Trim the cord ends about ½" from the final knot. 


Keep the two ends of the cord tight while working to help keep the beads in place. Try holding the ends between your legs, sitting on the ends and moving them as needed.