Let Them Eat Cake!
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Let Them Eat Cake!

Want a centerpiece that looks good enough to eat? How about a gift idea that is bound to leave a sweet impression? Stacking tins to look like a cake adds whimsy and style. The options are endless but here is an easy way to create a lasting effect and this project is sure to stack up! Designed by Susie Coelho
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Krylon Interior Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer
  • Krylon Interior/Exterior Flat White
  • Krylon Interior/Exterior Gum Drop
  • Extra Large Size Round Tin
  • Medium Size Round Tin
  • Small Size Round Tin
  • Extra Small Size Round Tine
  • Fresh or Faux Hydrangeas
  • Leftover Newspaper/Recycled Paper
  • Painter’s Tape - 2” Width

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Start by spraying the tins with Krylon Interior/Exterior Primer (51318). If the tins already have a design on them that you are tyring to cover, you may need to spray a couple of layers of primer. Allow paint to dry between layers.

Step: 2

Once all tins are evenly coated and dry, spray all the tins with Krylon Interior/Exterior Flat White (51502). Wait for the paint to completely dry.

Step: 3

Take the extra large, medium and extra small tins and tape evenly spaced vertical lines all around the side of each tin.

Step: 4

Cover the top and bottom of each tin used in the previous step with either tape or newspaper and spray Krylon Interior/Exterior Gum Drop (51513) around the side of each tin.

Step: 5

After the paint dries, carefully remove the tape from the sides.

Step: 6

Finish off with a protective coat of Krylon Matte Finish (1311)

Step: 7

Decorate with fresh or faux hydrangeas or other flowers that align with your color pallet.

Step: 8

Display with cake accessories on a table or even a cake plate or cake pedestal.


Drying time is critical! If the paint is still wet when you remove the tape, it may peel off so in this case, patience is very important.